Why do people live in Paraburdoo?

Why do people live in Paraburdoo?

Paraburdoo is a close-knit community, housing many of the workers from the nearby Rio Tinto Iron Ore mine. Back-to-back Tidy Town awards show how proud residents are of their community. The town’s friendliness, natural beauty and fast-improving services are attracting more families to live in Paraburdoo.

What is Paraburdoo famous for?

Paraburdoo is a mining town which is located at the south western end of the Hamersley Range National Park. It was established in the early 1970s as a town to house miners and today the population, which has remained at around 2,000 since the 1970s, works at the surrounding Rio Tinto iron ore mines.

How long are the Hamersley Ranges?

about 1,490 miles
It extends about 1,490 miles (2,400 km) from the monsoonal, tropical north to the windswept coastal heaths of the far south.

Is the Pilbara hot?

The Pilbara is characterised by very hot summers, mild winters and low and variable rainfall. It is classified as hot desert in northern and inland areas and hot grasslands in the north-west.

How did Paraburdoo get its name?

Paraburdoo is a small mining town which takes its name from the Indigenous word Pirupardu, meaning ‘Meat Feathers’, because of the large resident population of white corellas.

Where does the Pilbara start?

The Pilbara region covers an area of 502,000 square kilometres in the north of Western Australia and includes the Shires of Ashburton, Roebourne, East Pilbara and the Town of Port Hedland. It extends from the Indian Ocean coast to the Northern Territory border. Perth is over 1,200 kilometres south.

Why is it called Tom Price?

Origin of Name Tom Price (both the town, the mine and the mountain) was named after Thomas Moore Price, the vice-president of the giant United States steel company Kaiser Steel. Price was one of the main initiators and supporters of the opening up of the Pilbara region to iron ore mining.

Is the road to Paraburdoo sealed?

Paraburdoo is accessed via a sealed road linking Nanutarra Roadhouse and Tom Price, 24km south of the Tropic of Capricorn. Just over 80km from Tom Price.

What do they mine in Paraburdoo?

The Paraburdoo mine is an iron ore mine located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, near Paraburdoo. The mine is owned and operated by Rio Tinto Iron Ore, and is one of twelve iron ore mines the company operates in the Pilbara.

Who owns Nanutarra Roadhouse?

The property contains 70 equipped watering points along with many permanent and semi-permanent waterholes along the creek and river systems. Both properties had been acquired by Andrew Forrest, the Chairman of Fortescue Metals Group, who also owns Minderoo Station to the north of Uaroo.

Where are Juukan Gorge rock shelters?

Western Australia
In May 2020, we destroyed rock shelters of exceptional significance at Juukan Gorge, near our Brockman iron ore mine in the Pilbara, Western Australia.

Where is the Paraburdoo mine?

The Paraburdoo mine is located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The Paraburdoo mine, in combination with Eastern Range mine and the Western Range deposits, are known as the Greater Paraburdoo Iron Ore Hub.

Where are the Paraburdoo operations?

The Paraburdoo operations is located east of Paraburdoo township, in the Pilbara region of Western Australia (Figure 1). Paraburdoo operations consists of existing mines at Paraburdoo and Eastern Ranges.

What is the Paraburdoo iron ore hub?

The Paraburdoo mine, in combination with Eastern Range mine and the Western Range deposits, are known as the Greater Paraburdoo Iron Ore Hub. to mine iron ore deposits positioned above and below the groundwater table. Ore is processed on-site before being transported via rail to either Dampier or Cape Lambert ports for shipping.

What is the size of an ore lump at Paraburdoo?

The Paraburdoo ore lumps and fines are blended with ores mined from other Rio Tinto mines that make up the Rio Tinto Pilbara Blend. Maximum fines size is kept at 6.3mm and lumps at no more than 31.5mm.