Why is Sonico popular?

Why is Sonico popular?

It makes sense from Nitroplus’s perspective to spend money on this: otaku are known to become enamored of mascot-type characters (the Digi Carat gang, Hatsune Miku, Kantai Collection, Touhou, Miss Monochrome) and spend money on games, albums, toys, phone cards, pencil boards, dakimakura covers, and manga spinoffs …

How old is Sonicomi?

Sonico appears in the various media as an eighteen-year-old college student. She is depicted as an attractive young adult woman with light peach skin, large red eyes, and straight light pink hair.

Is soniani Super Sonico the animation worth watching?

This anime is not at all what it appears to be. SoniAni: Super Sonico The Animation is a music, slice of life (no overall story) anime with a realistic, gentle feel to it. This anime isn’t a real ecchi, which I’ll explain in this review. Due to my low expectations I sat down to the first episode with a beer.

How many episodes are there in Super Sonico the anime?

SoniAni: Super Sonico the Animation is a music, slice of life anime co-created by Nitroplus (the creators of Super Sonico) and White Fox (the creators of the anime); the anime has 12 episodes and aired between January and March 2014.

What do you like about Sonico’s character?

You get to see Sonico’s character shine in this anime which is that she is a huge cat lover, loves rock, is a big nerdo, and works hard for her band, her grandmother’s restaurant, and anything ! She is as sweet and she is as cute.

How old is Sonico’s manager?

Like Sonico, her voice is very soft and has a gentle accent. Sonico’s manager for her modelling job, is a mysterious man called Kitamura. Age unknown (at least 20 though, since he’s legal to drink in Japan), and face unknown since he is always wearing a mask and has antigravity super-saiyan hair.