Where is the Zugspitze located?

Where is the Zugspitze located?

Zugspitze, mountain on the border between Germany and Austria, the highest point (9,718 feet [2,962 metres]) in Germany. Zugspitze is part of the Wettersteingebirge in the Bavarian Alps.

How to get up to Zugspitze?

Here’s a brief overview of how to get to Zugspitze:

  1. Taking the cable car up (“Seilbahn Zugspitze”) is the easiest way to scale Zugspitze.
  2. The cable car runs from the parking lot at Lake Eibsee.
  3. Driving there with your own vehicle is the fastest option.
  4. You can also travel by public bus to the cable car.

How to travel to Zugspitze from Munich?

If you are in Munich, go online and book your DB train from Munich to Garmisch-Partenkircehn Hbh. Then, before you board the Zugspitzbahn in Garmisch, you can purchase a Zugspitze Ticket, which will get you up the mountain once and back down. Buying tickets this way will set you back about 80 Euro per person.

Is Zugspitze worth?

1. Re: Is Zugspitze worth the money? On a clear day: Absolutely! The Wank offers nice views of Karwendel, Wetterstein and the Zugspitz massif, but you don’t see 400 peaks like you do from almost 3.000 meters up.

Can you see the mountains from Munich?

Yes, you can see the Alps from downtown Munich, depending on the day and where you are. You need to be elevated, such as going up one of the church towers. My favorite view is from the breakfast room at the Bayerischerhof Hotel. You can go there for a buffet brunch even if you are not a guest.

Can you see Italy from the Zugspitze?

The Highest Mountain in Germany is the Zugspitze and on a clear day you can see Germany, Austria, Italy & Switzerland.

How do you get to the Zugspitze peak?

The Zugspitze peak is served by three cable cars and a mountain railway, which between them carry an estimated half a million visitors to the summit each year. One of the cable car routes, originating in the town of Eibsee, is currently undergoing reconstruction and will be reopened fully in December 2017, making access even easier and quicker.

How many guests can I take to the Zugspitze?

Welcome to the Zugspitze! From Ehrwald in Austria the two Panoramic cable cars of the Tiroler Zugspitzbahn can accommodate 100 guests taking them up to Germany’s highest peak.

Why book a Zugspitze winter sports holiday?

Nestled as it is on the northern edge of the Alps, Zugspitze and surrounding areas offer all the benefits of a winter sports holiday, while still being within easy reach of urban areas including Munich.

Is English widely spoken in the Zugspitze area?

English is widely spoken and understood in the Zugspitze area thanks to its large tourist population, although, as always, a few words of German will be highly appreciated and may even lead to preferential service!