What does Ravio do in link between worlds?

What does Ravio do in link between worlds?

Ravio is a character from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. He runs Ravio’s Shop, where Link can rent or buy items needed to complete dungeons. Ravio wears a purple hood that resembles a rabbit.

Where can I find Ravio in link’s shop?

Ravio is the shopkeeper at Ravio’s Shop, a location where Link can rent or purchase various items, inlcuding the Bow and Hookshot. This shop is located inside of Link’s House, as Ravio asked Link if he could stay in his house for a while. He is dressed in a purple robe and hood that resembles a rabbit.

What is the point of Ravio’s shop?

Ravio lends Link a Bow early in the game until later opening Ravio’s Shop out of Link’s home. Here, Ravio allows adventurers to rent, and eventually purchase, items needed for exploration and dungeons. His bird-like friend, Sheerow, will take back your rented items if you fall in battle.

What did Ravio do to Hilda and Zelda?

After successfully talking Hilda out of her plan, Ravio travels with her to Lorule’s Sacred Realm and watches as she prepares to send Link and Princess Zelda home. During his farewell to Link, Ravio states his gratitude at meeting such a courageous hero and his desire that some of Link’s bravery may have been passed onto him.

How did link meet Rivio?

Link encounters Ravio soon after encountering Yuga when he discovers an unexpected guest in his house. Ravio asks Link if he can stay a while. Link discovers a sign outside the Eastern Palace and learns of an item being opened south of the castle. When he returns home, he discovers that Ravio has turned his house into an rental item shop.

What does Ravio do in his retirement?

In his retirement, Ravio can be found laying on the floor of Link’s House, philosophizing over various things. Consequently, every time Link enters Ravio’s Shop, Ravio will be laying on the floor saying something different, usually how his outlook on life has changed since retirement.