Where is the Augustus of Prima Porta?

Where is the Augustus of Prima Porta?

Vatican MuseumsAugustus of Prima Porta / LocationThe Vatican Museums are the public museums of the Vatican City. They display works from the immense collection amassed by the Catholic Church and the papacy throughout the centuries, including several of the most renowned Roman sculptures and most important masterpieces of Renaissance art in the world. Wikipedia

Where was the Prima Porta located?

Augustus of Prima Porta (Italian: Augusto di Prima Porta) is a full-length portrait statue of Augustus Caesar, the first emperor of the Roman Empire….

Augustus of Prima Porta
Artist Unknown
Year 1st century AD
Type White marble
Location Vatican Museums, Rome

What does Prima Porta mean in English?

First Door
The name Prima Porta (First Door) came from an arch of the aqueduct that brought water to the Villa of Livia, which formed over Via Flaminia a sort of gateway which travellers saw as the first indication of having reached Rome (Piperno).

Why was the Augustus of Prima Porta made?

It was found in the villa of Livia in Prima Porta and was constructed to commemorate the Roman victory over the Parthians in 20 B.C. It gives the portrait of Augustus as a handsome and young ruler, wearing a decorated cuirass and a tunic, with the figure of Cupid riding a dolphin on his side.

What is Augustus pointing at?

He is pointing upward and to his right with his right hand as if he were pointing to the land he must now take over. His pointing hand is not balled into a fist but rather slightly opened and relaxed as if he were making a friendly and calm gesture.

Why is the Prima Porta important?

The Augustus of Primaporta is one of the ways that the ancients used art for propagandistic purposes. Overall, this statue is not simply a portrait of the emperor, it expresses Augustus’ connection to the past, his role as a military victor, his connection to the gods, and his role as the bringer of the Roman Peace.

What kind of image did Emperor Augustus want to create in the Augustus of Prima Porta statue?

Closing thoughts. The Augustus of Prima Porta gives a good idea of how ancient statuary was imbued with meaning. Unlike most portraits of Rome’s first emperor, this statue depicts the emperor as a hero or a god, a military leader as well as a great politician (orator).

Who is Augustus of Prima Porta?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Augustus of Prima Porta (Italian: Augusto di Prima Porta) is a full-length portrait statue of Augustus Caesar, the first emperor of the Roman Empire.

Where can you see the Augustus of Prima Porta?

Until mid July 2014, the Augustus of Prima Porta can be seen in Paris. Here it is the centrepiece of a temporary exhibition about the life and legacy of Augustus at the Grand Palais. Moi Auguste, Empereur de Rome opened on 19 March and runs until 13 July 2014 ( for more details, visit the exhibition’s website ).

What is the ISBN number for the Prima Porta Augustus?

ISBN 0300046316. ^ Smith (1996), p. 46. ^ Squire, Michael (April 2013). “Embodied Ambiguities on the Prima Porta Augustus”. Art History. 36 (2): 246. doi: 10.1111/1467-8365.12007.

How old is the Prima Porta?

The dating of the Prima Porta piece is widely contested. It is thought to be a copy of a bronze original. The sculptor may have been Greek. This original, along with other high honors, was vowed to Augustus by the Senate in 20 BC and set up in a public place. The marble statue, however, was found in the villa of his wife, Livia.