Where is 70 closed in Indiana?

Where is 70 closed in Indiana?

According to INDOT, the North Split Interchange Indianapolis will close for 18 months for a bridge and roadway reconstruction project. During this closure, I-65 and I-70 between the North Split and Washington Street will be closed to all traffic.

Is 65 open through Indianapolis?

I-65 northbound will remain open from the South Split to the Washington Street exit, but it will not be accessible to through traffic and to I-70 westbound. I-65 southbound will remain open to I-70 eastbound traffic, except for 45 days in the fall this year when it will close for 45 days.

Is 465 East Open in Indianapolis?

The work on INDOT’s Clear Path project will be broken up into two overlapping phases : I-465 widening in the first phase spanning 2022 to 2024, and I-69 interchange reconfiguration in the second phase, spanning 2023 to 2025. This way, both I-465 and I-69 will remain open to traffic at all times.

Where is the Indianapolis North split?

downtown Indianapolis
The North Split Project is the reconstruction of the I-65/I-70 North Split interchange in downtown Indianapolis. The project includes repairing deteriorating bridges, upgrading pavement conditions in the area, reducing congestion and improving safety in central Indiana’s busiest interchange.

When was I-65 built in Alabama?

1958Interstate 65 / Constructed

What’s the main road that goes from 465 to Mooresville?

The Keystone Avenue and Mooresville Road Bypass bridges over I-465 will close mid-July as part of the I-69 project connecting Evansville and Indianapolis. Work on the sixth and final phase of the project, beginning in Martinsville and ending in Indianapolis, started in 2019.

Which lanes of I-70 are closed in Indiana?

INDIANAPOLIS — Thousands of people drive on I-70 every day, but that won’t be the case as of Friday night as all lanes both eastbound and westbound have closed for some major road work. A pretty big stretch of construction closed I-70, from the south split to I-465.

What’s happening on I-70 WB in Indianapolis?

Incident on I-70 WB near 10TH ST, Right lane blocked. Expect delays. Slow traffic on I-465 S – USS Indianapolis Memorial Hwy from I-70/Exit 44 (I-465) to I-74/US-421/Exit 49 (I-465) due to accident.

When will I-465 open from I-65 to I-70?

To get around you’ll want to take east I-465 southbound to I-65 northbound to I-70 eastbound; if you’re coming from the airport to downtown, head on I-70 eastbound to I-465 southbound to I-65 northbound. INDOT plans to have things back open by August 5, before the morning rush. Copyright 2021 Scripps Media, Inc.

Why is there slow traffic on I 465 s in Indiana?

Slow traffic on I-465 S – USS Indianapolis Memorial Hwy from I-70/Exit 44 (I-465) to I-74/US-421/Exit 49 (I-465) due to accident. Massive delay and standstill traffic with no indication of movement. Open Report Traffic stopped.