Is VIPKid a legit site?

Is VIPKid a legit site?

VIPKID offers online work based in another country and many people wonder if it is a scam. The answer: No, it isn’t. VIPKID is a well-established company, employing over 60,000 teachers as contractors.

Is VIPKid teachers legit?

You Must Be From The USA Or Canada. While you can teach classes from anywhere in the world, you must be from the USA or Canada to be hired with VIPKID. As of 2020, VIPKID no longer hires teachers that live in California.

Is VIPKid a pyramid scheme?

Unlike actual pyramid schemes, VIPKID pays their current teachers for mentoring and walking the new teachers through the daunting hiring process; if you’re about to go through the application process, you’ll realize why it’s important to have someone there to help you.

Can you really make money with VIPKid?

Since classes are 25-minutes each, you can earn the equivalent of $14-18 per hour plus incentives (see next). From teaching more classes to referrals, there are lots of opportunities to earn extra. In general, with incentives, a teacher can earn the equivalent of $14-22 per hour with VIPKid.

Is VIPKid a Chinese company?

Online education giant VIPKid, a Beijing-based tutoring platform that has raised $1.1 billion in capital since its founding and was at one point valued at over $3 billion, will end its flagship education program in China by early next month.

Is VIPKid in financial trouble?

However, the company has always had a profit problem. According to The Information, the company’s net loss reached 2.2 billion yuan ($31 million), although its revenue increased to 3 billion yuan ($43 million) by the first ten months of 2018.

Is it hard to get hired by VIPKid?

A big reason why is a lot of actual certified ESL teachers with multiple years of experience work here and if you are someone with teaching experience and a random degree that got hired (like me) then it is very difficult to get booked. Also, the interview process is very long and takes money to pass.

Is VIPKid done?

One of the world’s largest online education platforms, VIPKid, has ceased providing tutoring to children in China as a result of Chinese government reforms. Dozens of other tutoring companies are in the same position, and tens of thousands of English-speaking tutors will lose income as a result.

Where is VIPKid based out of?

VIPKid is headquartered in Beijing, China and has 4 office locations across 3 countries.

Is working for VIPKid worth it?

Final Thoughts. Overall, VIPKID is worth it. Apply, get hired, and see for yourself! Everyone is going to have a different opinion, but ultimately what makes you happy may not make me happy.

Is VIPKid 2021 worth it?

You can teach while your child is sleeping and not have to pay for childcare. Just make sure there’s someone who can tend to your kid if they wake up since you won’t be able to leave in the middle of class. If you’re one of the many people stuck at home right now and in need of work, VIPKID is definitely worth it.

Will VIPKid be banned in China?

Three months after China issued a regulation banning all for-profit tutoring within its borders, Chinese tutoring giant VIPKid is terminating its signature education program for students in the Chinese market, the company told EdWeek Market Brief.

Is VIPKid legit or a scam?

Despite the numerous complaints, VipKid is a legitimate company. There are definitely some glaring problems with it though, so be sure to weigh the pros and cons yourself before you start.

What are the disadvantages of VIPKID?

And according to some former VipKid teachers, the parents are able to leave negative reviews without any justification. One complaint that comes up a lot is the slow support system. Should you need a hand with something from the company, it may take a while before you hear anything back.

What is VIPKid and how does it work?

What IS VipKid? VipKid is a website that pays ESL teachers to teach kids in China through video calls. It was started in 2013 by Cindy Mi and Jessie Chen, and has since grown rapidly and attracted major investors – including Kobe Bryant! If you are the teacher-type, VipKid is an opportunity that’s definitely worth looking into.

Is VIPKid a good job for teachers?

As for taxes, VipKid teachers are independent contractors and therefore responsible for their own taxes. No job is perfect, even one where you can essentially decide your hours, work from home, and even make a full-time income. VipKid is all of those, but there are still some valid teacher complaints you should be aware of before you get started.