What region is Oshakati?

What region is Oshakati?

Oshana Region
Oshakati is the regional capital of Oshana Region and it is well known as the “Commercial Centre of the North”. The town is situated 713km north-west of Windhoek, the Capital City of Namibia, on the B1 national road and almost 45km South of Angola borders and 175km north-west to the most prominent Ruacana Waterfall.

Who is the councilor of Ongwediva?

Taarah Shalyefu
The Ongwediva Town Council on Tuesday re-elected Taarah Shalyefu as mayor of the town for another 12 months. Shalyefu, who is also an Anglican clergyman and principal of Sakaria Shikudule Secondary School in Ohangwena, was elected when the council held its internal elections for political office-bearers.

Who is the mayor of Oshakati town?

Leonard Hango
OSHAKATI Town Council has re-elected Leonard Hango as its mayor for a period of 12 months. Hango was re-elected on Friday, as the town held its annual interim election of Oshakati Town Council office bearers.

Who is the CEO of Oshakati Town Council?

Timoteus Namwandi
OSHAKATI town council has appointed Timoteus Namwandi as its new chief executive officer.

How big is Oshakati?

about 39,700 inhabitants
Oshakati is the capital and the administrative centre of the Oshana Region and has about 39,700 inhabitants, which makes it the largest town in north-central Namibia. Together with the towns of Ondangwa and Ongwediva it forms the second largest metropolitan area after Windhoek.

Which region is the biggest in Namibia?

Oshana Region The administrative capital of the region is Oshakati. According to 2011 data, 174,900 people live in the region. The area is the largest in the country with an area of 8,647 square kilometers.

Who is the current mayor of Ongwediva?

Erastus Uutoni
THE Ongwediva Town Council has re-elected Erastus Uutoni as Mayor, with Patricia Kashuupulwa as his deputy.

When was Oshakati State Hospital built?

In the year 1966, the first government hospital, Oshakati hospital, was inaugurated in northern South-West Africa. It was constructed by the apartheid regime of South Africa which was occupying the territory.

Where is Oshakati circuit located?

Oshakati is located near the B1, Namibia’s main highway, which stretches from South Africa through the capital Windhoek and on to the Angolan border.

Why was Oshakati State Hospital built?

The other, Oshakati hospital, inaugurated in 1966, was the first governmental hospital in this part of Namibia as a response to the international critic of apartheid neglect of black people’s health. There are major differences between the hospital design and construction management of the two hospitals.