How long is Macs certification good for?

How long is Macs certification good for?

good for life
Section 609 Certification credentials are good for life. If you obtained your credentials from MACS or IMACA but have lost them, you may re-order your certification card replacement here.

What certification do I need to buy r134a?

Auto body shops wishing to buy the common 10- or 30-pound tanks of R-1234yf or R-134a refrigerant will need to have at least one air conditioning-certified technician by Jan. 1, 2018.

Can you take EPA 608 core test online?

Can You Take EPA 608 Online? Yes! Since the Type I Certification is open book, you can study and take your test online right now. If the appliances you are working on exceed five pounds of refrigerant, the test will need to be proctored.

Which ASE Test is the easiest?

What is the easiest ASE test? We put out a survey to over 100 ASE Master Automotive Technicians, asking them to rank the A1-A8 tests in order of easiest to hardest. The results of the survey named a clear winner for “Easiest ASE Test,” and that is the A5 Braking Systems test.

Do you need a license to buy R-1234yf?

Can I buy R-1234yf 8oz cans without being EPA certified? Yes. The 609 certification or license is not needed when purchasing containers that contain less than two pounds of refrigerant.

Can shops mix refrigerants?

The short-long-only answer is no, never. There are many reasons why it’s impractical, illegal, and not economical for a homeowner to mix refrigerant types. CFC-type refrigerants like R-22 – the most popular in the United States by far – are a single type of refrigerant. CFC stands for chlorofluorocarbons.

Can I purchase R-134a?

Two-pound cans of R-134a can still be purchased without certification. Technicians do have several programs available to them through which they can be certified, if they have not yet been so.

Is 134a refrigerant being phased out?

HFC-134a: a Potent Greenhouse Gas HFC-134a will no longer be approved for use in new light-duty vehicles manufactured or sold in the United States as of model year 2021 as a result of EPA’s July 2015 final rule under SNAP (July 20, 2015, 80 FR 42870Exit Exit EPA website).

Can you take the EPA 608 type 2 test online?

What is a section 609 certification?

Passing the Section 609 Certification test allows you to purchase refrigerant in quantities over two pounds, and also learn to recover and recycle refrigerant in compliance with U.S. EPA regulations. A minimum score of 84% is required to earn your certification.

How do I pass the 609 exam?

The 609 examination is an open book test that can be taken online for $20 with immediate results. Certification. Persons who pass the open book exam are awarded a Wallet ID card and wall certificate upon completion. A score of 84% correct (42 correct out of 50 questions) is required to pass the exam.

What is the 609 EPA air conditioning test?

The Section 609 Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning Exam is an open book test. The Section 609 EPA test packet contains the preparatory manual, open book exam, answer sheet, and return envelope test. The training packet is available in English or Spanish. Save time and take the test online!

How do I prepare for the Macs 609 exam?

To help you prepare for the 25-question 609 online Certification test, MACS offers a 10-question online practice exam. You can review the study guide to prepare for the practice test as well as the real test. Note: Practice 609 tests are offered online only. Section 609 Certification credentials are good for life.