What part of speech is substation?

What part of speech is substation?

Substation is a noun. A noun is a type of word the meaning of which determines reality.

Is substation one word or two?

substation ​Definitions and Synonyms

singular substation
plural substations

What is a Sub Station?

A substation is an installation at which electricity is received from one or more power stations for conversion from AC to DC, reducing the voltage, or switching before distribution by a low-tension network.

What is a substation sentence?

In rural areas the substations are not cordoned off. The electricity boards are making large profits and should be able to earmark funds for the purpose of safeguarding substations. There are more than 419,000 substations of all descriptions in the country.

What is another word for substation?

What is another word for substation?

station base
locus nick
spot thana
station house cop shop
kotwali home office

What is substation and its types?

Substation Types: Although, there are generally four types of substations there are substations that are a combination of two or more types. Step-up Transmission Substation. Step-down Transmission Substation. Distribution Substation. Underground Distribution Substation.

What is in a substation?

Substations consist of high voltage electrical e​quipment like transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers and associated devices. Transformers step down the high voltage electricity coming in on the transmission lines, to a much lower voltage suitable to send out on distribution wires.

What is difference between grid and substation?

Grid is a collections of geographical dispersed generation units and load centres which are connected by power lines. Whereas Substation is a part of grid, to step up voltages at generation stations for transmission and step down voltages at load centres for distribution.

Why do we use substations?

The purpose of a substation is to ‘step down’ high voltage electricity from the transmission system to lower voltage electricity so it can be easily supplied to homes and businesses in the area through lower voltage distribution lines.

What are auxiliaries in grammar?

Auxiliaries can convey information about tense, mood, person, and number. An auxiliary verb occurs with a main verb that is in the form of an infinitive or a participle. English has a rich system of auxiliaries.

What is a substation AC auxiliary system?

A substation ac auxiliary system consists mainly of the following parts: One or two incoming primary feed(s) seldom above the 34.5 kV level, one designated normal source, the other designated alternative source. One or two auxiliary transformers to reduce the primary voltage to the utilization level.

How many auxiliary transformers are there in a substation?

In small distribution substations one auxiliary transformer is usually sufficient. As substation size increases, customer load criticality increases. A decision has to be made as to redundancy of substation auxiliary services in light of economics and customer requirements.

What is meant by a substation?

1 A set of equipment reducing the high voltage of electrical power transmission to that suitable for supply to consumers. ‘York Railway Station was evacuated and trains prevented from stopping after the electricity substation which supplies its power was flooded at around 7pm.’