What shark has snaggletooth?

What shark has snaggletooth?

Fast Facts about the Snaggletooth Shark Taxonomy: Snaggletooth sharks are in the Weasel Shark family. These seldom seen sharks are only found in warm coastal waters of the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans, including the Red Sea. They are not found in the western hemisphere.

How old are Snaggletooth sharks?

Diet: Snaggletooth sharks mainly feed on bony fishes, other small sharks, and crustaceans. Lifespan: the maximum reported lifespan of a snaggletooth shark is 15 years. Conservation status: they are described as vulnerable to extinction by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Why are fossilized shark skeletons uncommon?

The only time you ever find fossils—really complete fossils of shark-like fishes—is when they’ve been buried very rapidly in the sediment and the mud and they’ve been removed from any scavengers and they haven’t decomposed and things don’t get moved around by currents and so forth.

What shark has triangular teeth?

One of the most famous types of shark, the Great White shark, has pointed lower teeth with triangular upper teeth. These teeth are particularly useful for cutting prey such as large mammals and fish.

How can you tell if a shark tooth is a fossil?

Modern shark teeth, both the crown and the root, are typically white in color. Fossil teeth are permineralized and are usually darker colored. There are instances where fossil teeth exhibit a white crown however the root is usually a darker grey or beige color.

What are black shark teeth?

When a shark tooth is black, it is fossilized. A fossilized shark tooth can take thousands of years to turn dark and then to be fossilized. They are generally white and don’t change color rapidly due to sediment collected on them after falling.

What does snaggle toothed mean?

Definition of snaggletooth : an irregular, broken, or projecting tooth.