What is the story of The Crane Wife?

What is the story of The Crane Wife?

Tsuru no Ongaeshi (鶴の恩返し, lit. “Crane’s Return of a Favor”) is a story from Japanese folklore about a crane who returns a favor to a man. A variant of the story where a man marries the crane that returns the favor is known as Tsuru Nyōbō (鶴女房, “Crane Wife”).

Why are the Crane Wives called that?

To avoid waiting tables, they spent weekends performing in the restaurant under the name The Crane Wives — a reference to the Decemberists album “The Crane Wife.” Later they moved their show to the local circuit and added members Dan Rickabus (drums, vocals), Tom Gunnels (banjo), and Ben Zito (bass).

What is the lesson from a crane wife?

The crane – who was of course, his wife – flies away and never returns. This tale can be interpreted as a cautionary tale about the dangers of greed, a melancholy story about love lost, a sad account of promises broken and lines crossed.

Who is in the Crane Wives?

Emilee PetersmarkGuitar
Kate PillsburyGuitarBen ZitoBass guitarDan RickabusDrum KitTom GunnelsPercussion
The Crane Wives/Members

Is The Crane Wife a concept album?

Their latest album, The Crane Wife, is purportedly a concept album about a Japanese folk tale.

Are the Crane Wives still active?

The Crane Wives is a four-piece Americana/folk band founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States in 2010….

The Crane Wives
Years active 2010–present
Labels Unsigned
Website thecranewives.com
Members Emilee Petersmark Kate Pillsbury Dan Rickabus Ben Zito

How much do the Decemberists make?

According to concert data masher Pollstar Pro, the band has averaged 2,250 people per show for a gross of about $70,000 over the past three years. If you figure the group takes home about 30% of that sum, that’s $21,000 per show, and it means the band could easily take home $1 million for a few months of touring.

What is a crane wife?

In Japanese folklore, the crane wife is a bird disguised as a woman who spins fine silks from her own feathers, until her identity is discovered. The Crane Wives spin fine songs from whole cloth, and you will never want the melodies to leave your head.

Who are the Crane Wives in winter 15?

The Crane Wives in Winter 15. Pictured from left to right: Dan, Kate, Ben, and Emilee A shot of the band from summer 2015. Pictured from left to right Ben, Emilee, Kate, and Dan.

When did the Crane Wives release their first album?

The Crane Wives released their first full-length CD, Safe Ship Harbored, in May 2011. The album was self-produced, backed primarily through donation of studio time from Sound Post Studios, where Rickabus worked as a sound engineer, and also a generous response to the band’s Kickstarter campaign.

What happened to Tom Gunnels from the Crane Wives?

Hello friends, fans, this is Dan writing to you. I come bearing sad news. After over 4 years in The Crane Wives, our friend and banjo-player Tom Gunnels will no longer be with the band.