What is the story about in the four Badboys and me?

What is the story about in the four Badboys and me?

It tells the tale of a nerdy loner girl who finds herself caught up in the world of the notorious school heartthrobs called APAT. Will chaos ensue or will love bloom?

Who is Jeydon?

Famously referred to as the character “Hunter,” Jeydon is one hell of a musician too. He uses music as an outlet to express hidden emotions; he says it’s the solace of his life. With many of his YouTube videos of hip-hop and acoustic music receiving thousands of views, YouTube came as a blessing into his troubled life.

Who is the author of Tfbbam?

TINA LATAThe Four Bad Boys and Me / Author

Who is Candice Gonzales?

That’s Candice Gonzales. Yup, the protagonist of “The Four Bad Boys and Me” is a bit of a loner, but she’s strong and determined! Like every girl who is worth falling in love with, she’s an expert in the RBF department.

How old is Jaden?

Luke Jeydon Wale (born: October 2, 1991 (1991-10-02) [age 30]), formerly known as Jeydon Wale, is a Canadian YouTube vlogger, artist, musician, photographer, gamer and streamer.

Was Jeydon Wale born a girl?

“Hi, my name is Jeydon Wale and I am female to male transgender – holy sh-t,” he says. “I have always been a boy, [but] my body said otherwise at birth.” “I’ve waited for this for like 10 years, since before YouTube,” he continues.

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Is the four bad boys a novel?

these book was published under pop fiction , available at book stores . these book was created by blue maiden her screen name . SUMMARY: There is this four boys , the every girls desire . Jeydon Lopez , the leader of the group , his the king of their school .

Why did Jaden become the supreme king?

When several of Jaden’s friends were sacrificed during the Duel with Brron, Mad King of Dark World, Jaden let his hatred and anger to take control over him which awakened the Supreme King’s powers inside himself. Jaden, unfortunately used that powers in the Duel to defeat Brron to avenge the loss of his friends.

Where does Kyle David Hall live?

Kyle David Hall was born in Ohio, USA on June 21, 1998. He currently stays with his parents, brother and a pet dog.