What counters Legion Commander?

What counters Legion Commander?

Ghost Scepter stops Legion Commander from attacking during Duels, but has to be used beforehand and doesn’t last as long as the Duel itself. Ethereal Blade stops Legion Commander from attacking during Duels but just like Ghost Scepter, doesn’t last as long as the duel.

What is the name of Legion Commander?

Tresdin, the Legion Commander, is a melee strength hero fitting the role of carry. A highly mobile and somewhat tanky hero, her skillset and gameplay revolve mainly around killing off targets and especially backliners and supports, with her ultimate, Duel. Each successful Duel grants Tresdin permanent bonus damage.

Is Legion commander a carry?

Even though Legion Commander is technically a carry, she needs to also gank early to increase her bonus damage from Duel. Be sure to take advantage of any ganking opportunities, instead of farming endlessly away from your team.

What is Ozkavosh?

Ozkavosh is a language spoken by demons, as well as Tresdin, the. Legion Commander.

How do you stop Anti-Mage?

Legion Commander

  1. Duel renders Anti-Mage’s escape capabilities with Blink and Counterspell useless. Blade Mail and. Moment of Courage work well against Anti-Mage’s relatively low health.
  2. A good initiation from Legion Commander and her team is enough to effortlessly kill Anti-Mage.

What is legion commander?

Marching across the battlefield, Legion Commander challenges lone enemies in single combat. Each duel she wins increases the power of her attacks, until at last she can become a relentless one-woman army.

How does legion commander Autocast?

Legion Commander autocasts Press The Attack after winning a Duel. Increases Duel duration, and makes Legion Commander and her opponent take less damage from other sources. Blocked by Linken’s Sphere and echoed by Lotus Orb. To face a soldier of Stonehall in single combat is a challenge few can resist.

What happens when Legion commander is attacked?

When attacked, Legion Commander has a chance to immediately attack again with bonus lifesteal…. Legion Commander and the target enemy hero are forced to attack each other for a short duration…. They came without warning.

What does the bronze horn do in Legion commander?

The rallying horn of the Bronze Legion is able to inspire any heart. This ability is a strong dispel and can remove stuns. When attacked, Legion Commander has a chance to immediately attack again and gain lifesteal for a short time. Disabled by break.