What is the name of the snail in Turbo?

What is the name of the snail in Turbo?

Turbo (character)

Full name Theodore
Alias Theo Turbo Little Amigo (referred by Tito) Garden Snail My little Shooting Star (Tito)
Occupation Tomatoes harvester (formerly) Racer
Friends Chet, Burn, Tito, Whiplash, Skidmark, Smoove Move, White Shadow

Is Turbo a slug or snail?

Voice cast Ryan Reynolds as Theo/Turbo, the protagonist, a garden snail who dreams of becoming a racer and the next Indianapolis 500 champion and obtains superspeed during a car race. Paul Giamatti as Chet, Turbo’s older brother.

Is snail racing a real thing?

There are numerous snail racing events that take place in different places around the world, though the majority take place in the United Kingdom. Snail races usually take place on a circular track with the snails starting in the middle and racing to the perimeter.

How did Turbo the snail get fast?

His molecular structure altered by the volatile nitro us oxide that fuels the car, Turbo gains the ability to travel at speeds up to 200 miles per hour.

Is Turbo the snail real?

Turbo’s French-Canadian snail was based on former PM Jean Chretien Back to video. At the time, the Toronto native was working as head of story on the DreamWorks film Shark Tale, “which was essentially always described as The Sopranos with fish.”

Whats the fastest snail?

The average speed of a snail clocks in at around 0.03 mph, although a snail named Archie went nearly double that in 1995, setting the world record time at 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

How fast can a sea snail go?

As they crawl they secrete a slime to help themselves move across surfaces. Snails and slugs travel at speeds that vary from slow (0.013 m/s) to very slow (0.0028 m/s).

Is Guy Gagné real?

Guy Gagné (pronounced “GEE Gahn-yei”) is a 5-time Indianapolis 500 champion, and the false idol of Theo. He is a major antagonist in the Turbo franchise, serving as the main antagonist of Turbo, and a minor antagonist in Turbo: F.A.S.T.. He is voiced by Bill Hader….

Guy Gagné
Voice actor Bill Hadar Eldad Prives (Israel)

What is snail racing?

Ah, Snail Racing! The slowest race on Earth! Which snail will win? It’s completely random! One race – your snail may win by a huge distance (Maybe 4 INCHES)! The next, the little fella may just sit at the start line.

Where are the world snail racing championships held?

All Rights Reserved. The next Championships will be held in 2022 on the cricket field at Congham, Norfolk, UK (nearest postcode PE32 1AH). Copyright © 1999-2021 World Snail Racing.

What is the name of the snail race in London?

The first official competitive live snail race in London, the “Guinness Gastropod Championship” held in 1999, was commentated by horse racing pundit John McCririck who started the race with the words “Ready, Steady, Slow”. This is common terminology for the start of a race.

What kind of snails are used in the Guinness advertisement?

For the Guinness advertisement sometimes known as “Snail Race”, see Bet on Black. Snail racing is a form of humorous entertainment that involves the racing of two or more air-breathing land snails. Usually the common garden snail species Cornu aspersum is used.