What is the best weapon in BF3?

What is the best weapon in BF3?

Top 10 Best Weapons in Battlefield 3

  1. AEK-971. What is this?
  2. M16A3. A lot of players will consider the M16A3 as the best weapon in the game and you can certainly put it in the number 1 spot.
  3. F2000.
  4. SCAR-H.
  5. M416.
  6. MP7.
  7. AS VAL.
  8. DAO-12.

What is the best gun of rank?

Top 5 Best Gun Combinations In Free Fire For BR Ranked Mode

  • 5 Best Gun Combinations In Free Fire For Ranked Mode.
  • SCAR and MP40. SCAR In Free Fire.
  • AWM + M1887. AWM is the most deadly weapon in Free Fire for both the user and his enemies.
  • Groza + UMP. Groza Operang Sheng in Free Fire.
  • Vector Akimbo Mode.
  • AK + MAG-7.

What is the best weapon in fo3?

In terms of raw damage, the Experimental MIRV is by far the strongest gun in Fallout 3. This weapon fires not one but eight Mini Nukes with each shot, dealing 1,610 damage per projectile. That amount of damage is enough to instantly kill every enemy in the game.

How many ranks are there in Battlefield 3 online?

Battlefield 3 online ranks There are a total of 145 ranks. After rank 45 (Colonel), Colonel Service Stars are introduced, requiring 230,000 points for each subsequent Colonel rank until 100 (rank 145).

What is the best gun in Battlefield 3 right now?

If you can tame this beast, the AEK is undoubtedly the best gun in Battlefield 3. A mind-boggling 900 RPM rate-of-fire can melt enemies in half a second. Retaining the range, accuracy and damage of other assault rifles, long-range engagements aren’t out of reach for the AEK-971.

Is Battlefield 3 a must have?

Tons of progression with beautiful graphics and exceptional gameplay make Battlefield 3 a must-have. You should know the best weapons though, most Battlefield 3 players are very experienced by now so an equal footing is mandatory.

What is the highest rank you can get in WW2?

You can earn a max of 100 Service Stars, making the total ranks 145. Private First Class 2 Stars: 10,000 (18,000) XP – Woodland Pattern Camouflage Lance Corporal 1 Star: 13,000 (54,000) XP – Ranger Camouflage Corporal 1 Star: 15,000 (111,000) XP – M9 TACT.