How do you unlock the entrance in Deemo?

How do you unlock the entrance in Deemo?

Tan Yu Han‎Deemo Every new FC is achieved, you should get a boost in tree growth. Anyway, you can unlock Entrance by growing the tree to 18 meters.

How do you unlock songs on Deemo?

When your tree grows to a certain height, it unlocks a new song. However, you are half correct. The more accurate you are on a song, the more your tree will grow, thus unlocking new songs faster.

How long does it take to beat Deemo?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 8 9h 50m
Main + Extras 8 13h 45m
Completionists 1 20h
All PlayStyles 17 12h 16m

How do you unlock Marigold in Deemo?

Unlock Conditions: In play through 4, after reaching 100% Staircase Height at the Top Floor, this song plays instead of Fluquor. It is unlocked upon completion.

How do you unlock the trophy room in Deemo reborn?

The Trophy Room unlocks alongside the Second Floor Lobby when you reach a Tree Height of 30m.

How many songs does Deemo switch have?

Total song count rises to 372. Publisher Flyhigh Works and developer Rayark have released version 1.11 update for the Switch version of DEEMO, which adds 13 new songs and brings the game’s total song count to 372.

How do you end Deemo?

The playable song ends with the message “Goodbye, my beloved sister, Alice.”, suggesting the girl’s name. As the song finishes, Deemo is revealed to be a manifestation of Alice’s elder brother Hans, and gradually disintegrates.

How tall does the tree grow in Deemo?

The maximum tree growth attainable from clearing a single song is 0.650m. It can be obtained by acquiring an All Charming on the first time clearing the song and its difficulty.

How long is Deemo reborn?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 4 12h 34m
Main + Extras 6 13h 17m
Completionists 2 30h 30m
All PlayStyles 12 15h 55m

How many songs does Deemo reborn have?

60 songs
The DEEMO -Reborn- core experience contains over 60 songs, including over 30 original DEEMO classics such as Magnolia, ANiMA, Fluquor, and Nine Point Eight, while each one of the DLC packs add another 15 songs and more than 75 charts.

How do you get ANiMA Deemo reborn?

To unlock ANiMA, after the tree height reaches 47m, return to balcony with telescope. There is a scroll on the ground next to the entrance. Tapping on it will trigger a dialogue about showing a musical score to Deemo and unlock ANiMA.

How do you get the feather duster in Deemo reborn?

The rooms with Feather Duster puzzles are: The Underpass, The Loft Room, The Balcony, and The Stack Room. For this trophy you will need to find every hidden doll in the castle. Under each respective ‘Room’ trophy, plus the few in the stages, you’ll find all the Doll Locations.