What is something unoriginal?

What is something unoriginal?

: lacking originality : not original an unoriginal idea a movie with a highly unoriginal plot an unoriginal thinker.

What are synonyms for unoriginal?

synonyms for unoriginal

  • conventional.
  • counterfeit.
  • derivative.
  • imitative.
  • musty.
  • predictable.
  • shopworn.
  • stereotype.

What does you’re basic mean?

“Basic” is a slang term in American popular culture used pejoratively to describe people who are perceived to prefer mainstream products, trends, and music.

What is emulative?

Having a tendency to emulate others; imitative. adjective.

What is a well groomed person?

Definition of well-groomed 1 : well-dressed and scrupulously neat well-groomed men. 2 : made neat, tidy, and attractive down to the smallest details a well-groomed lawn.

What makes a girl Basic?

What does basic mean? In slang, basic characterizes someone or something as unoriginal, unexceptional, and mainstream. A basic girl—or basic bitch as she is often insulted—is said to like pumpkin spice lattes, UGG boots, and taking lots of selfies, for instance.

What is the meaning of Lacquey?

Definition of ‘lacquey’ 1. a servile follower; hanger-on. 2. a liveried male servant or valet.

What is emulative learning?

Emulative learning is that in which the subject achieves the same goal as the model by imitating the behavior but altering it some way, i.e. an inexact copy of the model. Humans learn new skills both by imitating and emulating the behaviors of others.

What is a meme in sociology?

A meme is a virally transmitted image embellished with text, usually sharing pointed commentary on cultural symbols, social ideas, or current events. A meme is typically a photo or video, although sometimes it can be a block of text. When a meme resonates with many people, it’s spread via social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

What is a synonym for unoriginal?

Synonyms for unoriginal. apish, canned, emulative, epigonic. (or epigonous), formulaic, imitative, mimetic,

What are some examples of dark memes?

These memes put forth an opinion, argue with others, take a provocative stance, or use darker subjects, such as the above meme that takes advantage of an unfortunate headline. Other memes tackle more controversial subjects, such as the Area 51 raid plan: Or the flat-Earth movement: Other darker-humored memes include:

What are some good meme examples?

10 Great Meme Examples. “Success Kid” for Virgin Media. Honey Badger for Wonderful Pistachios. Keyboard Cat for Wonderful Pistachios. Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ for Adoption Advocate Anthony Rubio. ‘Y U NO’ Guy for HipChat. Pomplamoose for Hyundai. The Most Interesting Man in the World (And Others) for SEOmoz.