What is MEP math?

What is MEP math?

What is MEP Math? MEP was developed by the Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching (CIMT) at Plymouth University. It is based on evidence of good practice from tracking the mathematical progress of students in a number of countries including Hungary, Japan, Singapore, Russia, Ireland and England.

Where can I find MEP math workbooks?

Grades: K-12 Mathematics Enhancement Programme MEP is a free math curriculum from Great Britain. Printed workbooks can be ordered from their website, and if you contact them, they may provide you with PDFs. MEP is workbook-based, spiral curriculum that emphasizes concepts and logical thinking.

What makes the MEP course different?

The MEP course has been developed in line with MEP philosophy, which encourages: *Whole class interactive teaching, including students working at the board Homework to be used as an integral part of the learning.

What is the European mathematics enhancement programme?

Mathematics Enhancement Programme (MEP) The Mathematics Enhancement Programme has been developed over the past few years at the Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching. It set out to implement in UK schools the findings of international research. The scheme of work for each year is split into two parts, A and B.