What is a Europa Schule?

What is a Europa Schule?

Europa-Schule Kairo (ESK) is a German international school in New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt. It serves students until Gymnasium Sekundarstufe II. It is recognized as a German school abroad by the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad (ZfA).

How much does private school cost in Egypt?

Total Cost of Study (14 Years) Parents should prepare at least 768,650 EGP (International Schools of Egypt), for a total of 14 years of study, for private education in Cairo. The most expensive school can cost parents up to 2,928,000 EGP (Cairo American College) for the whole duration of their study.

Is Europa school private?

The Europa School UK is an all-through, free school located in Culham near Abingdon in Oxfordshire. It was founded in 2012 by stakeholders of the European School, Culham and subsumed the former school’s campus upon its closure in 2017.

Which is the biggest school in Europe?

Nottingham academy opened its doors to 230 new pupils yesterday – all of them year 7s. By the time it is complete, it will have 3,600 pupils. Spread over three sites, it takes an hour to walk from end to end. The first day of term at Nottingham academy, now the biggest school in Europe.

How much does international school cost in Egypt?

Egypt School Fees by Grade (2022)

Name FS1 G9/Y10
Cairo American College 9,000 26,800
Cairo British School – CBS 61,000 52,000
Dover American International School 0 121,039
El Alsson British & American International School 103,235 164,550

Is the IGCSE hard?

The Cambridge International Examinations IGCSE courses are internationally recognised as the most academically challenging courses currently on offer to 14-16 year olds. It’s a two-year programme consisting of, on average, ten individual courses spanning both core and optional subjects.