What is a double light switch called?

What is a double light switch called?

Double pole light switches, also known as a four-way switch, are two single pole switches put together. Two separate circuits are controlled by one switch. This is typically used to control a circuit from multiple locations in a series of three switches on one circuit.

Can I change a single light switch to a double?

It is quite acceptable to change the single switch to a twin switch to control the new outside light. You will have to add some additional wiring, as it is most likely the existing garage light control switch will just have a permenant live supply and a return switch line back to the light fitting.

How does a double pole single throw switch work?

A double pole single throw switch controls two circuits (poles) and has 2 states an “on” (closed) state and an “off” (open) state. A double pole single throw has four terminals in total, two inputs and two outputs which are all controlled by the same switch.

What’s the difference between a single pole switch and a double pole switch?

A pole refers to the number of separate circuits a switch can control, a single pole switch can operate one circuit whereas a double pole switch can control two circuits. A throw refers to how many positions can be activated by a switch.

What is a double pole single throw switch used for?

Double throw switches, can divert the flow of electricity from one set of screw terminals to another. These screw terminals are mounted on the side of the switch. A double pole single throw switch is used for turning electricity either on or off.

What is a double switch?

Double switches, sometimes called “double pole,” allow you to separately control the power being sent to multiple places from the same switch. For example, you might want to turn on a bathroom light separately from the ceiling fan.

How do I Center a switch in a double gang box?

If you have an electrical box for 2 devices, but only need 1 switch or outlet, you have 2 options: On the left, you will see the first device is off to one side. The second option is to center the switch in the double-gang box by mounting it to a center device cover plate, which then screws into the 4 openings in the electrical box.

What is a single pole switch used for?

This switch easily fits over a standard wall box and is compatible with single-pole applications. Its space-saving design permits other devices to be installed in the same box and allows for ample working and wiring space.

How do you mount a toggle switch on a square junction box?

Buy a wall plate for a centered toggle switch in a double box. Square junction boxes do not have tabs for mounting devices. Adding a mud ring to the box will allow you to install a single device. The mud ring is held in place using the junction box screws in opposite corners. A switch or outlet can then be mounted directly to the mud ring.