What happened to Andrzej Markuszewski?

What happened to Andrzej Markuszewski?

Andrzej Markuszewski was dead as the robbers decided to cut all loose ties by killing the second brother. The latter was a witness to the crime they had committed and must be hushed. It is not unheard of that anything with the smallest amount of mass can be a potential weapon if used the right way in a fit of rage or panic.

What happened to the Markuszewski brothers in Luton?

Two Polish brothers were “savagely” bludgeoned to death in a row over money, a court has heard. Marek Miazga, 41, of Brook Street, Luton, denies murdering Waldemar Markuszewski, 43, and Andrzej Markuszewski, 46. Their bodies were found at their rented home in Luton in June 2005 – two days after they were seen at Luton Carnival.

What happened between Marek Miazga and Mr Markuszewski?

Waldeck Markuszewski ran a building company in the Luton area and employed Marek Miazga. The pair fell out because Mr Miazga felt he should be paid the same wages as his boss, the court heard. The trial continues. What are these?