What do you say at an Eagle court of honor?

What do you say at an Eagle court of honor?

This court of honor segment is customarily conducted by an individual who is also an Eagle Scout. “I reaffirm my allegiance … to the three promises of the Scout Oath … I thoughtfully recognize … and take upon myself … the obligations and responsibilities … of an Eagle Scout. …

How do you conduct an Eagle Scout court of honor?

Now, with all that being said, below are the basic steps for planning most Eagle Courts of Honor:

  1. Set a Venue, Date, and Time.
  2. Send Invitations to Eagle Scouts’ Friends and Family.
  3. Develop a Program and Script.
  4. Gather Props and Supplies.
  5. Plan the Reception.
  6. Rehearse the Ceremony.

How do you close a court of honor?

Retire the colors. Close. The court of honor may close with the troop’s regular closing ceremony. For their troop courts of honor, Scouts can devise an elaborate and more impressive opening and closing ceremony that communicates how special the occasion is.

How do you honor a Scout who has died?

Funeral for Scout or Scouter

  1. Attending in uniform.
  2. Sitting together as a unit.
  3. Serving as honorary pallbearers or ushers.
  4. Serving during the service by doing such things as reciting the Scout Oath or Scout Law.

Who do you invite to an Eagle Court of Honor?

Family, your son’s friends, family friends, people involved with the Eagle Project, former Cub Scout Leaders, etc. Include dignitaries like the Town Manager, State Senators, and State Representatives. Also consider the principal at your son’s school and teachers who are important to him.

What happens when an Eagle Scout dies?

The Spirit of the Eagle Award is an honorary posthumous special recognition for any registered youth member who has died in an accident or through illness.

What does gone home mean in scouting?

Gone Home. In the Scouting community, we honor, grieve and share the news of a long-time scout leader in the tradition of Lord Baden Powell and Lady Olive Baden Powell by using the trail symbol for “gone home.” Baden Powell has the symbol on his grave, it is a gentle reminder of our humanity and humility.

What is a court of Honor for Eagle Scouts?

Eagle courts of honor are fully developed celebrations recognizing Scouts who have attained Scouting’s highest rank. They often feature a variety of very special ceremonies commensurate with the high honor being bestowed upon outstanding young men.

What is the Eagle Court of Honor Handbook?

The EAGLE COURT OF HONOR HANDBOOK, by Gary Hendra, the MacScouter, is a compilation of material from many sources, including the following: Don Demers’ EAGLE SCOUT CEREMONIES HANDBOOK could not have been possible without the contributions from a lot of dedicated Scouters and Council folks.

How many Eagle Court of Honor ceremonies are presented here?

Three Eagle Court of Honor Ceremonies are presented here. As the guests enter the Sanctuary, Boy Scouts of Troop _____________ hand out programs and usher guests to their seats.

Where did Fred Rogers’Eagle Scout Court of Honor scripts FAQ come from?

Fred Rogers’ EAGLE SCOUT COURT OF HONOR SCRIPTS FAQ was compiled from many sources. Most of the scripts were distributed originally by the National Eagle Scout Association or were taken from Woods Wisdom. Other scripts and information came from the Scouts-L Youth Groups Discussion List on the Internet and the rec.scouting newsgroup on Usenet.