Who does Mia Colucci end up with?

Who does Mia Colucci end up with?

After that Mia and Miguel finally became close friends and at the end they went together to Monterrey as a boyfriend and girlfriend.In season 2 their relationship was more unified. They were so in love. Sometimes they had arguments.

Who is Jose Lujan’s tutor in RBD?

Gastón Diestro | Villains Wiki | Fandom.

Is Luka The son of Mia Colucci?

Mia and Luka are cousins, since the young man is the son of Marcelo, brother of Franco (Juan Ferrara), Mia’s father, a character who had not appeared in the Rebel original.

How is Luka Colucci related to Mia Colucci?

Background. Luka is the son of Marcelo Colucci, half-brother of Estebán Torres, nephew of Carlo and Franco Colucci, and cousin of Mía Colucci, who was the lead singer of RBD and is a legend at EWS.

Who does Celina end up with in Rebelde?

In season three, Celina meets and falls in love with Max, who in turn becomes enamored with her. They consummate their relationship and she becomes pregnant with Max’s child.

Who is the new Roberta in Rebelde?

Dulce María — Roberta Pardo Rey As for Dulce, she released three solo albums — Extranjera (2010), Sin Fronteras (2014) and DM (2017) — following her RBD days and is currently working on her fourth.

What is Rebelde on Netflix about?

Netflix have officially released the brand new continuation of the iconic series, Rebelde, with a brand new group of characters – and cast members – for everyone to fall in love with. Set at the newly rebranded EWS (Elite Way School), the show focuses on a group of 8 talented students, all wanting to win Battle of the Bands to become musical stars.

Who plays Esteban Torres in Rebelde?

Sergio Mayer Mori plays Estéban Torres in Netflix’s Rebelde. Estéban is an exceptionally talented scholarship student at EWS, who turns down a spot at a prestigious conservatory in favour of studying at the school. Outside of acting, Sergio is a musician and a model.

Who is in the Rebelde cast?

The Rebelde cast features Azul Guaita, Franco Masini and Sergio Mayer Mori. This info article contains minor spoilers for Santiago Limón and Yibran Asaud’s 2021 Netflix series.

Who plays Andrea Agosti in Rebelde?

– Lizeth Selene Lizeth Selene plays Andrea Agosti a.k.a. Andi in Netflix’s Rebelde. Cool girl drummer Andi arrives at EWS, eager to get away from her mother and her mother’s unsupportive boyfriend. Lizeth is fairly new to the acting world.