What are CCI shotshells used for?

What are CCI shotshells used for?

Use your favorite rimfire rifle or pistol like a shotgun to exterminate close-range pests. The payload of fine pellets in our rimfire shotshell offerings is pushed by consistent propellant and reliable CCI® priming for patterns you can count on every time.

What is a .22 shotshell?

22LR shotshells. Colloquially referred to most often as “snake shot” or “rat-shot,” the round is geared towards pest control. Generally, these “mini-shotshells” contain about 30 or so grains of #12 shot. The snake-shot is capable of being fired out of any .

How far does .22 Ratshot travel?

The . 22 rat shot drops in power within a few yards and becomes pretty much worthless beyond 10-12 feet. In my experience, seven yards is a practical outer limit. Depending on the performance of the firearm and size of the quarry, you might luck out at 10 yards.

Is there snake shot for 9mm?

The 9mm snake shot contains quite a lot of #12 shot. This is much smaller than the shot normally used in a shotgun shell. Each pellet is the equivalent of 0.25 of a grain and is just 0.053 inches in diameter.

Are 22LR shotshells good for pest control?

.22LR shotshells – Effectiveness The.22LR shotshells are marketed as a pest control round and while personally, I’ve only ever shot something as large as a mouse (from 3 feet mind you), there is a hot debate as to whether or not these shells are useful or just a gimmick with no use.

Why buy 22LR rimfire ammo?

Rimfire ammunition, especially .22LR holds a special place in the firearms community. More than likely the .22 Long Rifle rimfire round was the first firearms experience for many of us.

Can you shoot a snake shot out of a 22 rifle?

The snake-shot is capable of being fired out of any .22LR firearm, although, semi-auto users should be warned that you will have to manually cycle the firearm in order to fire the next shot as the round doesn’t have the energy to operate any semi-automatic .22LR gun.

What is the best gun for pest control in the House?

Henry makes a lever action smooth bore .22 they call a garden gun that patterns nicely and would be great for pests in gardens, barns or attics. Also, Short Lane adapters work great in shotguns.