To what extent should university courses be geared to the economic needs of society?

Education is the basic foundation of development and growth of the society. This is not limited to economic development. There is a need to ensure all round development of the society. In order to assure that there is a perfect balance between skilled workforce and an intellectually developing society there is a need of two different kinds of education programs.

The first type of education should focus on all round development with degree programs with multi-discipline knowledge development courses. These programs should focus on developing research and knowledge foundations of the students. This will empower the society with innovative researches and technologies. There is a need of these researches in the every society, from light bulb to rockets everything we have today is the result of innovations and inventions. (Quigley, 1997)

The second type should focus on ensuring that a large part of the population is skilled to take a specific task that requires some special training and knowledge. These programs will empower a large part of the population with a job and will strengthen the economy with a large portion of the population with a job. Developing and undeveloped nations are able to dream of these developments using these jobs that developed nations and large corporations generate in their countries. (vers, Rush, & Berdrow, 1998)

Both these types of education are a necessity of the society. If one ignores one type of education either the level of employment will suffer or there would be no research or invention in the society. So, in order to have all round development of the society both these forms of education are necessary, but the proportion of students in each depends on the type of economy.