Shaping ideas through mass media


Mass media has greatly influenced ideas and opinions of the public. Views of the public on issues such as politics, sports, business, wars and diplomacy are shaped based on the underlying reporting by media outlets. Mass media has enhanced cultural changes and public participation in elective leadership.

Mass media has greatly enhanced opinions and thoughts of the general public in modern societies today. Growth in mass media has been advanced with the integration of technology and subdivision of the needs mass media has opted to feel. Television networks have specialized in entertainment, sports, business and politics (Green-Pedersen, 2010, p. 664). Some of the notable television networks include Cable News Network (CNN), British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Bloomberg TV. The niches the media outlets serve have enhanced considerable opinion by the public based on the outlets publications.

Mass media has influenced cultural change both positively and negatively. Media outlets serving lifestyle changes such as the Fashion Magazine have shaped opinions on many issues internationally. The Magazine’s annual Awards on fashion trends have significantly impacted on the choice of style for both male and female buyers. The Fashion week is also a trailblazer since its official launch (Entwistle, 2006, p. 736). Teens and fashion enthusiast follow the events and participants with high admiration. Sales of trending fashion have often spiked after endorsements from such events internationally. Cultural change has been substantially integrated into most societies based on the internationalization of media outlets.

Public perspectives and opinions on critical events have been influenced by mass media. Mass media has played a significant role in the public debates of aspiring presidential candidates in the USA and other developed economies (Boykoff, 2007, p. 1195). Media outlets convey differently results of the debate influencing opinions on the desirability of candidates. Recent debates allowed the public participate in the debates through social media, changing voting patterns and the election of the first black president. Henceforth, educating the public on the public issues existent in the society is a significant role of the media.

Conclusively, I agree mass media has greatly influenced ideas and opinions of the public on public issues. Cultural changes especially amongst teens through trends initiated by mass media have impacted coexistence and adoption of different cultures globally. Moreover, increased public participation in public issues has been advanced through media outlets. Conclusively, I agree that the media has played a pivotal role in shaping ideas and opinions of the society.