Is the Slaton sister pregnant?

Is the Slaton sister pregnant?

PREGNANT Amy Slaton has admitted she is still smoking ahead of the birth of her second child but has vowed to cut down on cigarettes. The 1000-Lb Sisters star, who already has a 15-month-old son, Gage, with husband Michael Halterman, is expecting another baby boy this summer.

Is Amy on 1000 pound sisters pregnant again?

Is Amy from 1000-lb Sisters pregnant? Yes, Amy is officially pregnant again. She already admitted she is trying for another baby on 1000-lb Sisters, and as it is filmed several months before episodes air, some are wondering if she has now fallen pregnant.

How is Tammy Slaton doing today?

Tammy updated followers via TikTok in February 2022 that she was still residing at the food addiction rehab facility after her medical emergency. She plans on staying at the Ohio rehab facility until the summer. As she continues her weight loss journey, fans are cheering her on.

Is Tammy Slaton still in the hospital?

According to Tammy’s TikTok posts from January 2022, she is still in a rehab facility. Fans of the TLC series discovered Tammy’s most recent posts and some speculated her stay in the facility had something to do with Amy’s new home.

Is Tammy Slaton Still Alive 2022?

Tammy Slaton is still alive and is remaining in good spirits while working on her fitness goals in an Ohio-based rehab, where she has been since leaving the hospital in November 2021. As of February 1, 2022, the reality star was still wearing a trach during her stay in the medical facility.

Did Amy and Michael have their baby?

Learn more about her family below! The reality star, 34, gave birth to baby No. 1 in November 2020, one year after marrying Michael, 38. She gushed over her “miracle” boy after his arrival via caesarean section. “When he started crying, I started crying.

Does Tammy ever lose weight?

SHEDDING THE WEIGHT The Sun revealed Tammy has already lost 115lbs in just 30 days at the addiction facility and is now tipping the scales at around 556lbs. “It’s a bit isolating, but I still think she’s in the best place,” Amy said.

Is Tammy Slaton Still Alive 2021?

Is Tammy Slaton on a ventilator?

She’s been in such a bad place for so long. She waited too long. And now that she has the courage to step out and get the help that she needs, now this,” Amanda continued. At the hospital, doctors put Tammy on a ventilator and in a medically induced coma.

Did 1000-lb sister have baby?

Proud mom! 1000-Lb Sisters star Amy Slaton has one son named Gage with husband Michael Halterman and is pregnant with baby No. 2.

Does Tammy Slaton have a trach?

Tammy Slaton also explains why she has a tracheotomy tube in her neck. Slaton ended up in the hospital with carbon dioxide poisoning at the end of 2021. That led to her contracting pneumonia, becoming septic, and requiring life support. She has been in a rehab facility since.