Is the Sig Sauer P229 a good gun?

Is the Sig Sauer P229 a good gun?

The SIG Sauer P229 Legion SAO is an absolutely superb handgun. It is “one-size-fits-all” comfortable in the hand due to enhancements made to the frame and grips and light enough for all-day carry. With 15+1 rounds of 9mm ammo on tap, the P229 SAO is ready to meet any challenge.

What is the difference between Sig Sauer P226 and P229?

Even the calibers they can use are the same. And they both have the same accessory rail for laser and flash light attachments. The only real differences between them are their barrel, slide and sight radius lengths.

Is the SIG P229 discontinued?

This proven pistol with a Nitron coated stainless steel slide is a force to be reckoned with.

When did SIG P229 come out?

In 1992, SIG began production of the P229® in . 40 S&W.

What is the SIG Sauer P229 SAS pistol?

The SIG Sauer P229 is a compact double-action/single-action pistol that has been in the SIG lineup since the early 1990s. A slightly smaller version of the full-size P226, the P229 has a 13+1 round capacity in 9mm. The P229 platform is well suited to civilian carry. The SAS model is tailored specifically for concealed carry.

What kind of ammo does a P229 take?

It is a compact-sized gun, which also takes 9mm cartridges, as well as .40, and .357 SIG. In fact, the P229 was the first handgun that could chamber the .357 SIG round.

How many chamberings are in a SIG P229?

The P229 comes in three chamberings. The 9 mm version has a capacity of 15+1 and will handle +P and +P+ ammunition. If you prefer the 9 mm, SIG will accommodate you, although there are many other excellent pistols available.

Is the SIG 229 a good gun?

The SIG 229 has a very comfortable grip and a satisfying feel in the hand. The fit, finish, and level of workmanship are all first-rate. There is nothing loose or sloppy. This is a solid gun which inspires confidence. First introduced in 1992, the Model 229 was the successor to the P228, a compact version of the legendary P226.