Is Kim Go Eun natural beauty?

Is Kim Go Eun natural beauty?

Coupled with her superior acting chops, her natural beauty has certainly taken her places! From the silver screen to the small screen, from CFs to luxe brand beauty campaigns, there’s no shortage of Kim Go-eun visuals!

What foundation do Kdrama stars use?

HANYUL Cover Foundation is lightweight, but with good, natural looking coverage. It is brightening, not sticky, and contains some SPF as well. Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation is famous for it’s lightweight and smooth texture. It provides high coverage and is also even waterproof!

Does Kim Go Eun have curly hair?

In the photo, Kim Go Eun sports curly locks as against her traditional hairdo.

Does Kim Go Eun have Monolids?

Kim Go Eun has opened up about her monolids and her pre-debut thoughts about going under the knife. On the May 15 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV,” the actress sits down for an interview to discuss her latest film “Canola.”

What perfume does Kim Go Eun use?

Kim Go Eun, Goblin This classic fragrance leaves a light, sensual, floral blend that is the perfect balance of uplifting and comforting. Kim Shin himself said this about the scent: “It won’t make you immortal, but you’ll smell nice for a while.” Sold!

Does Jeon Yeo been have Monolid?

Jeon Yeo Bin In the drama, she played the headstrong and free-spirited leading lady of Song Joong Ki, effectively impressing the audience with her acting chops as well as charming them with her natural beauty—those beautiful monolid eyes included.

Is Jeon Yeo been Monolid?

We have seen Yeo Jin Goo’s staple monolids since he was a child in various K-dramas and movies. It was only a matter of time before he started landing lead roles. He’s able to suck people into his dramas with his charismatic eyes and deep voice!

Does Kim Go-eun wear makeup in ‘the king’?

In Kim Go-Eun’s latest romance fantasy drama with actor Lee Min Ho (which just started last weekend by the way), “ The King: Eternal Monarch ,” she didn’t really wear much makeup. But that doesn’t mean she wore no makeup, however.

What did Kim Kim Go-eun look like on her first day at University?

Kim Go-Eun plays high school student Ji Eun-Tak in popular drama serial Goblin. She is known to wear barely-there makeup that shows off her flawless skin. But the one feature that stood out to the audience is her lips, particularly the look that she sported on her first day at university.

Who is Kim Go-eun?

Actress Kim Go-Eun is no exception. This K-Drama star gained popularity in her role as Hong Sul in “Cheese in the Trap” and of course, in one of the highest rated K-Drama series of all time “Goblin”. Ever since, she has blessed us not just with her incredible talent, but also with her seemingly everlasting fresh looks on-and-off screen.

Why get inspired by Kim Go-eun?

Get inspired by The King: Eternal Monarch’s lead actress Kim Go-Eun! As the capital for all things skincare and beauty, South Korea places great emphasis on beauty and taking care of one’s look as a way to show respect to others and value one’s self.