In which episode does Kallen kiss Lelouch?

In which episode does Kallen kiss Lelouch?

Love Attack! is the twelfth episode of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2.

Does Kallen have feelings for Lelouch?

Kallen’s character poem in the Code Geass DVD reveals that she had fallen in love with Lelouch through her devotion to him and that if he had ever told her that he loved her again, she would’ve “followed him to hell”.

Are CC and Lelouch lovers?

With Lelouch, C.C. had finally found a true partner–one who promised her her heart’s desire: to be loved. Now while she wasn’t going to interfere with the Zero Requiem Plan, she’d be damned if she’d let Lelouch go without a fight.

Who is C2 always talking to?

When left alone, she has sometimes spoken to a previously unknown person through means unknown, which, in episode 23, was revealed to be Marianne, Lelouch’s “deceased” mother, although in episode 19 it appears that she is talking to V.V. as well.

Does Kallen kiss Lelouch?

Kallen’s First Kiss and It’s Significance It is here that Kallen asks Lelouch why did he mean by you need to live. Lelouch does not answer and Kallen then kisses him. This is Kallen’s first kiss which is important because she was saving it for someone special. That person was Lelouch.

Why does Kallen kiss Lelouch?

Lelouch gets her to take the long route, giving them the chance to speak in private. Kallen recounts their history, then asks Lelouch what he intends to gain by becoming Emperor, as well as what she means to him. Lelouch remains silent, so she kisses him to show her feelings.

Does Kallen love Lelouch or Zero?

She is in love with Zero but despises Lelouch. Kallen protests at the school rather than at the settlement. She is also apparently Zero’s only soldier as only she helps him, such as when they rescue Suzaku. She shares the same relationship with Lelouch in the anime with her admiration for Zero and dislikes for Lelouch.

Who did Lelouch end up with?

After zero requiem, Lelouch it survived with the code he inherited from Charles. He ended up becoming immortal. At the end of the movie Lelouch decided to go with CC and renames himself to LL. Its a sort of symbolism that they end up together.

What happens to Kallen in Code Geass?

She attempts to save her using her Glasgow, but a corrupted member of the Britannian police force uses a Knightpolice in order to kill Kallen. Kallen then ensues in a battle with it and eventually defeats him.