How much does it cost to make a mold in China?

How much does it cost to make a mold in China?

Cost breakdown for an injection mold

Catogory Item Unit price
Material Mold base (standard) $100
Core plate $150
Cavity plate $150
EDM electrode (for core) $35

How much does a manufacturing mold cost?

A small, single cavity plastic injection mold usually costs between $1,000 and $5,000. Very large or complex molds may cost as much as $80,000 or more. On average, a typical mold costs $12,000.

How Mould are manufactured?

Molds are generally made from steel or aluminum and are precision-machined to form their specific features. A liquid material is fed into a heated barrel, mixed, and fed into the mold’s cavity, eventually cooling and hardening to the mold’s configuration.

What material is Mould manufacturing?

Generally, mold base material can be broken down into three categories: hot rolled steel, chrome-moly materials and stainless steel. Hot rolled steel materials vary from low carbon steel (A-36 or 1020) up to medium carbon steel (1045 or 1050). These steels are easy to machine and have reasonable tensile strength.

Why are injection Moulds so expensive?

Since plastic products created using injection moulding are generally smaller and more intricate than those created by rotomoulding, there is naturally a higher investment of time and labour involved in creating them, which can ultimately increase the cost.

Is injection molding cheaper in China?

While many countries offer mold-making services, China is the primary player in this market. Your company might be leaning toward China because their plastic injection molding services are generally low-cost—you’ll likely save between 20-60% with a injection mold made in China.

Why is injection moulding so expensive?

What is the difference between casting and moulding?

The main difference between molding and casting is the use of the material in the process. Casting will typically involve metal, while molding focuses on plastics. In both cases, the melted material goes into a die or mold to create the final form.

Is stainless steel mould resistant?

Stainless steel will also keep intact when in contact with such corrosive materials, so in this kind of application, Stainless mold steel such as 420ss is the most ideal option that molding companies have.

Where are the best plastic mold manufacturers in China?

In fact, Topworks plastic mold company, as one of the Top mold manufacturers in China, is capable of making some of the best molds on the market- for a much lower price ( 35% COST LOWER,15 BUILDING DAYS LESS) than European and American companies can possibly offer.

Why choose Chinese injection mold manufacturers?

Not only do Mold manufacturers in China have the skills required to make superior injection molds, but we also possess excellent English skills for technology and business.

How are China production molds made?

The construction of china production molds utilizes a low-cost mold base and hardened tool steel cavities; the cavities should be machined into predefined shapes and sizes on demand according to specifications at established production rates.

Why choose China moulds for high volume production?

For the China moulds to fully meet the requirements of production tools, the molds must have multiple cavities and be composed of interchangeable mold components. In addition, an efficient high-volume production mould made in China should be easy to maintain and be designed to be resistant to adverse outside forces.