How much does it cost to buy a walk in freezer?

How much does it cost to buy a walk in freezer?

Estimates for Standard Sized Walk-ins

Cooler Average Cost per month Freezer
8×10 $119.30 8×10
8×12 $119.30 8×12
10×10 $151.07 10×10
10×12 $151.07 10×12

What is the useful life of a walk in freezer?

Most manufacturers list an expected lifespan of a commercial walk-in cooler or freezer to be about 15 years. However, with proper maintenance, regular cleaning, and quality repair work, they can last much longer.

Can a walk in freezer be outside?

One-piece seamless construction allows the unit to be set outside without the use of a roof cap or any other type of expensive protection. The walk-in is completely weatherproof and requires no assembly.

How much does a walk in freezer cost a month?

How much does it cost to run a walk in freezer? An 8 by 8 by 8 walk-in freezer consumes approximately 8,000 kilowatt hours of electricity in 12 months. This costs about $1,200 a year or $100 a month. So when you purchase a walk-in freezer, prepare to spend an extra $100 a month on electricity.

How much electricity does a walk-in cooler use?

A standard 8 X 8 X 8 walk-in freezer uses about 8,000 kWh per year in electricity and will cost you about $1,200 per year in energy costs to operate. You would need to replace 16 standard sized reach in chest freezers just to break even on energy usage and cost.

How do you size a walk-in freezer?

When buying refrigeration units for walk-in coolers & freezers, it’s very important that your refrigeration is sized correctly for your box and application….Size Your Walk-in Refrigeration Unit.

Dimensions (LxW) BTUH (Typical Load) BTUH (Heavy Load)
6X6 4986 6540
6X8 5884 7470
8X8 6939 8350
8X10 7934 9600

What uses more electricity fridge or freezer?

In general, refrigerators with top-mounted freezers use less energy than refrigerators with either side-mounted or bottom-mounted freezers. An ENERGY STAR certified top-freezer refrigerator uses about 360 kWh or $45 a year to run, on average.

How do you transport a walk-in the freezer?

When moving the freezer, wrap it in blankets or another form of padding. The padding will protect the exterior of the appliance from damage. Ideally, you should keep your freezer entirely upright the entire time during the move. If you do not have space to transport the freezer upright, place it on the compressor side.

How much does a commercial walk in cooler cost?

The wide variety of sizing options makes a universal price difficult to provide, though experts say that a unit may range from as little as $1,000 to upwards of $10,000, or more….Walk-in Cooler Costs.

Item Cost
Labor Cost (installation) $2,000-$4,000
Total Cost $3,000-$9,000

Can you use wood in a walk in cooler?

U.S. Cooler® uses no wood products in our standard walk in walls, ceilings, doors, or floors.

Can you paint the inside of a walk in cooler?

A. You can paint the inside of your cooler. first you need to check with your local health codes and make a decision from there. To paint it you would use a moisture cured urethane and a similar product for another finish coat.

How much does a walk in freezer cost?

The wide variety of sizing options makes a universal price difficult to provide, though experts say that a unit may range from as little as $1,000 to upwards of $10,000, or more.

How cold is an average walk in freezer?

Supermarkets and convenience stores use most commercial walk-in freezers to operate at about -40°C. So, the typical temperature of a walk-in freezer is below the freezing point of water, which is the point of the walk-in freezers, to keep foodstuff frozen. However, this temperature can be harmful to things damaged below freezing points.

Can a walk-in freezer be used as a cooler?

Walk-ins are often used as medium-term cold storage-with standard refrigerators acting as short-term storage and refrigerated warehouses acting as long-term storage. Just like any refrigeration system, walk-ins use an evaporator inside the unit and a condenser outside the unit to move heat outside, thus cooling the inside.

Do you need a walk in freezer floor?

Walk-in freezers always require a floor, no matter how it’s being used. However, an insulated floor makes the walk-in unit more energy efficient. For this reason, prefabricated, insulated walk-in cooler flooring should be used. In the case of new construction, thermal breaks and slab insulation can be installed when pouring the concrete floor.