How much does helium cost per tank?

How much does helium cost per tank?

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Tank Size Tank Helium
Cubic Feet Cost Price
291 C.F. $410 $329
244 C.F. $396 $289
160 C.F. $298 $199

Can I put helium tank in my trunk?

Transport. Keep helium tanks secured in the trunk of your car, if possible. If you cannot keep the tank in the trunk, secure it and keep your windows open. Never drag or roll a helium tank.

Can you carry a helium tank in a car?

Yes, you can transport up to 1000 cu. ft in your personal vehicle without hazardous material placards.

What size tanks does helium come in?

Helium is measured in cubic feet. Most common helium tank sizes will be: 200, 125, 300 and 80 cubic feet cylinders in that order. If purchasing a helium cylinder for the purpose to fill balloons, please remember that a balloon filler must be used.

Are helium tanks refillable?

Balloon Time helium tanks are not refillable, but they are completely recyclable. Checkout our Recycling and Storing page for more information and how to properly dispose of your empty tank.

Will a helium tank explode in heat?

Helium tanks cannot explode. The reason is because the cylinders are equipped with an approved burst disc. It is located on the top of the tank next to the handles. In case of any unforeseen circumstances, such as a fire, the cylinder will release gas in a controlled manner and will not explode.

Can a helium tank lay on its side?

To move the tanks, strap them to the cart or dolly. It is never a good idea to drag or roll tanks. Supervised and away from children, keep the helium tanks upright.

Can helium tanks be transported lying down?

Transporting the cylinders in an upright position is always preferred. Cylinders should be placed only on flat floors or platforms. If the cylinders are secured to a pallet, the pallet must be able to transport 3500 lbs per pallet, and the cylinders must be secured by a web strap rated at 10,000 lbs.

Can I store helium tank in garage?

Q: Where is it safe to store the Helium Balloon Cylinder? A: Helium cylinders should be stored in an indoor, well-ventilated, secure area. The helium cylinder should not be stored in areas that are unprotected from the weather.

Can helium tanks explode?