How much does a Kobelco 140 weight?

How much does a Kobelco 140 weight?


Model Name SK140SRLC-5
Operating Weight lbs {kg} 31,500 lbs {14,300 kg}
Type 4 cycle, water cooled, overhead valve, vertical in-line, direct injection type, with turbo-charger. Tier IV certified.

What does a Kobelco 160 weigh?

36800 lbs
Operating Specifications

Cooling System Fluid Capacity 5.1 gal (19 l)
Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity 81.4 gal/min (308 l/min)
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity 42.1 gal (159 l)
Hydraulic System Relief Valve Pressure 4980 psi
Operating Weight 36800 lbs (16,692 kg)

How much does a Kobelco 150 excavator weigh?

35,720 lbs
With a track width of 8′ 6″ and a weight of 35,720 lbs, drive the ED150 onto a tag-a-long trailer and you’re off to the job site. Designed to work in tight places Incorporating Kobelco’s Short Radius technology, the ED150 offers performance and convenience in a com- pact, highly maneuverable excavator.

How many tons is a 308 cat?

8 ton
the 308E the most powerful and best performing 8 ton excavator Caterpillar has ever made. password that is required to start the machine (when the security system is enabled). of the hydraulic flow going down the boom and stick to the work tool.

How much can a cat 308E lift?

7,385 lb.
Rental Item Specs

HP: 65
Max Loading Height: 17′.3″
Max Reach along ground: 20′.5″
Tail swing radius: 4′.3″
Max lifting capacity Front:7,385 lb. / Side: 5,401 lb.

Does Kobelco make a dozer?

The next-generation ED160BR-7 is an innovative machine that is unique to KOBELCO and provides unmatched versatility. It is a combination of both a short radius excavator and a dozer, which enables customers to have two machines in one. Unlike most excavators, this 105 hp, 37,000 lb.

How much can a cat 308e lift?

What brand is Kobelco?

the Kobe Steel Group
KOBELCO is the unified brand name of the Kobe Steel Group. The Kobe Steel Group offers distinctive, trustworthy products and technologies in a wide variety of fields, including iron and steel, welding, aluminum and copper, machinery, engineering, construction machinery and electric power.