How much does a grand tour of Europe cost?

How much does a grand tour of Europe cost?

‘ The article states that, depending on the level of luxury and pomp with which you conduct your tour, costs for American tourists visiting Europe can range from as little as $400xvii, or £5,575 today, to the vast sum of $5,000xviii (£69,696 today)13.

How much does Europe trip cost in INR?

Europe Packages

Europe Packages Day/Night Price
European Bonanza- Group Departure Package 14 Days/13 Nights ₹2,55,059
Italian Delight Group Departure Package 8 Days/7 Nights ₹76,278
European Dream Group Departure Package 12 Days/11 Nights ₹2,06,781
Best of Europe Group Departure Package 16 Days/15 Nights ₹2,05,170

How much does an Europe trip cost 10 days?

How much does a 10 day trip to Europe cost? Cost of a 9 nights 10 days Europe holiday tour package lies somewhere around INR 120,750 to INR 165,890 and more. It depends on the place you are staying and what all is included in your package.

How many days are enough for Europe trip?

The general rule is that larger European cities require 2-4 full days (3-5 nights), and smaller cities generally only require 1-2 full days (2-3 nights). We say full days because, on days that you travel to or from a city, you will likely only get a few hours in the morning or evening to explore.

What is the best way to see Europe in 2 weeks?

Train. Train travel is our absolute favorite way to travel in Europe: it’s much less stressful than traveling by plane, especially once you get the hang of it, far more comfortable, and for those of us hailing from North America, it’s a travel experience in its own right!

How do you get to Grand Tour of Europe?


  1. Day 1: Overnight Flight.
  2. Day 2: Arrive in London.
  3. Day 3: Sightseeing Tour of London + Optional London Eye & River Cruise.
  4. Day 4: Free Day in London.
  5. Day 5: Travel to Paris + Sightseeing Tour.
  6. Day 6: Tour Paris + Optional Versailles Excursion.
  7. Day 7: Free Day in Paris.
  8. Day 8: Travel to Amsterdam.

When was the grand tour in Europe?

The Grand Tour was a trip of Europe, typically undertaken by young men, which begun in the 17th century and went through to the mid-19th. Women over the age of 21 would occasionally partake, providing they were accompanied by a chaperone from their family.