How much do editors make per music video?

How much do editors make per music video?

Music Video Editor Salary

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $93,500 $7,791
75th Percentile $64,500 $5,375
Average $54,646 $4,553
25th Percentile $36,000 $3,000

What do music editors do?

What Does a Music Editor Do? Music editors arrange, edit, and mix music for films, videos, and other creative works. They may also create original music compositions, sound effects, and edits to match the demands of specific projects. Music editors must possess good hearing and solid editing software skills.

How much do Spotify editors make?

The average Spotify Editor earns an estimated $79,165 annually. Spotify’s Editor compensation is $5,066 more than the US average for a Editor. The Marketing Department at Spotify earns $5,861 more on average than the Operations Department.

What do YouTube editors get paid?

Youtube Video Editor Salary

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $62,000 $5,166
75th Percentile $55,000 $4,583
Average $47,723 $3,976
25th Percentile $34,500 $2,875

How much money does a YouTube editor make?

Freelance video editors typically charge a per-hour, or per-day rate. Professional rates are circa $30 to $150 an hour based on experience and specialism. Few editors charge per minute of edited video as production complexity varies so greatly.

How many hours do music editors work?

Some music editors keep standard business hours, while others put in 70- to 80-hour weeks, especially as deadlines loom during post-production on a major film.

What qualifications do you need to be a music editor?

Music Editor Requirements:

  • Qualification in film scoring, music production, sound engineering, or related field.
  • Technical skill in mixing, scoring, and editing.
  • A portfolio of previous work.
  • A creative approach to music editing.
  • A good ear for musical tones.
  • The ability to balance audio and visuals effectively.

What do Spotify editors do?

These editors, also known as playlist curators, listen to millions of songs and sort them into relevant playlists based on genre, mood and other themes. Users on Spotify can also create and share personalized playlists.

How do you get hired as a music editor?

There’s also a lot of bookkeeping and organization. “Music Editors tend to be hired by the Production Editor or Director or be on the Composer’s team. (If there’s a long-running relationship the Composer has with the Director, that relationship usually extends to the Music Editor as well.)”

What does a music editor do in film?

Music Editor Job Description: Mixes, edits, and syncs music to film. Serves as the technical and creative liaison between the Composer and filmmakers.

How many hours does a music editor work?

Of the hours required of a Music Editor, Brooks says “it runs the gamut. There are certainly a lot of nights and weekends, working 60, 70 or 80 hour weeks. I’ve worked through the holidays and all that.

Do you need a music background to be a music editor?

Technical skills are a requirement, but a knowledge of music is even more important. “Again, a music background is probably more important than film because those things can be learned—even the software and all that,” Brooks says. “We use all those tools, but it’s only a portion of our job. Pro Tools editors are not Music Editors.”