How do you find a good writers group?

How do you find a good writers group?

6 Tips for Finding a Writing Group

  1. Find a local writing group near you. Visit a nearby community center.
  2. Go on a writing retreat.
  3. Join different writers’ associations.
  4. Look online.
  5. Find online writing groups.
  6. Start your own writer’s group.

Where can I post poems and get feedback?

The Best Places to Post Your Poetry

  • The Talent Bank.
  • Family Friend Poems.
  • PostPoems.
  • AllPoetry.
  • Hello poetry.
  • Commaful.

How do I find a writer for my friend?

Writing Friends and Where to Find Them

  1. 1) Writing Conferences. This is a super easy way to ensure you’ll be in the same room with a large number of writers.
  2. 2) Writing Workshops. Another great way to meet other writers is at workshops.
  3. 3) Online Writing Events.

Where can I anonymously post poetry?


  • Instagram.
  • HelloPoetry.
  • Tumblr.
  • AllPoetry.
  • Medium.
  • Twitter.
  • Wattpad.
  • How can I find someone to write a book?

    How to Find Someone to Write My Story

    1. Decide what kind of writer you’re searching for.
    2. Specify what writing services you need.
    3. Offer cash up front.
    4. Search through classified advertisements and freelance websites.
    5. Search through already published works and find potential writers to contact.

    What kind of writing is friends?

    In 2013, Friends ranked no….

    Genre Sitcom
    Created by David Crane Marta Kauffman
    Starring Jennifer Aniston Courteney Cox Lisa Kudrow Matt LeBlanc Matthew Perry David Schwimmer
    Theme music composer Michael Skloff Allee Willis

    Where is writer’s relief located?

    In our 27th year! Writer’s Relief, Inc., address: 18766 John J. Williams Hwy., Unit 4, Box 335, Rehoboth Beach, DE, 19971. Phone: (866) 405-3003. Website: .

    What can writers relief do for You?

    Website: . EDITORIAL SERVICES from a nurturing but whip-cracking, well-connected author (Bang the Keys, The Great Bravura) who will help you unleash the true fabulosity in your projects and bring them to fruition in the real world before depression or drink destroy your nerve! Fiction, nonfiction, scripts, poetry, theses.

    Who is acclaimed editor?

    ACCLAIMED EDITOR, former Paris Press director Jan Freeman, with 40 years of experience, provides coaching, manuscript consultations, and editing services for writers and poets. Let’s map out a new project or work toward a fresh revision or your final submission.

    What is the best magazine for writing short fiction?

    Lilith Magazine—independent, Jewish, & frankly feminist—seeks quality short fiction, 3,000 words or under, for our Annual Fiction Contest. First prize: $250 + publication. We especially like work with both feminist and Jewish content and are eager to read submissions from emerging writers of any age.