How do I translate a downloaded video?

How do I translate a downloaded video?

How to Translate Videos

  1. Upload a video. Add a video file by clicking on ‘Choose Video’. Select your video or drag and drop it into the box.
  2. Translate video. Click on ‘Subtitles’ to automatically generate subtitles.
  3. Download video. Check your translations and make any edits to the text.

Can Google Translate videos?

Google Translate has a lot of features, but it cannot translate a video. You can take a screenshot of a part of a video and get its translation from the app. You can also get voice translation with the help of Google Translate. But if you need the translation of a video, you will have to hire linguistic experts.

Is there an app to translate videos?

Veed is just one of the well-known app for translating videos automatically and freely. Simply to understand, Veed can translate your videos into any language.

What is the Best offline translator app?

Google translate is one of the best translator apps where you can download translations of almost 59 languages offline. Is there an offline translator app? Yes, there are translator apps that can be completely used offline.

Can MiniMini tools’ air translator — offline translation be used on PC?

Mini Tools published Air Translator — Offline Translation for Android operating system mobile devices, but it is possible to download and install Air Translator — Offline Translation for PC or Computer with operating systems such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Mac.

What is 7in1 free offline translator?

7-in-1 Free Offline Translator. OFFLINE translator and dictionary with speech output — very small size for 7 languages – the ultimate foreign language tool when you are abroad! The only app that translates text offline without Internet/3g from and to seven languages!

Is there an app that can translate without internet?

Offline Translate The last one on our list is ‘Offline Translate’ that will simply translate full sentences and entire texts without an active internet connection. It saves all of your previous translations automatically for future reference which is indeed of great help. Also, you can tap on individual words while reading a particular text.