How do I get the trash icon back on my iPhone?

How do I get the trash icon back on my iPhone?

Tap “Account [[email protected]]” above the green toggle switches. Tap Advanced. Under “Move discarded messages into”, tap Deleted Mailbox. Tap < Account to go back, then tap Done.

Where is the Trash icon in photos?

Trash that photo Scroll to the photo you’d like to erase from the carousel, and click the trashcan icon in the top left — the icon is on top of your photo, just below your profile name.

Where is the Trash icon in iPhoto?

Open the library in iPhoto and select the “Trash” album in the album list on the left hand side of the window. This should display all the photos that are currently in the trash.

How do I delete photos from iPhone without trash icon?

Such photos do not show the delete option, or if they show, the Trash icon is gray, and you can’t tap it. The only way to delete such images is to connect your iPhone to the Mac or PC and unsync or remove these images.

How do I get the trash icon back?

Click the gear icon and click Settings. Click the Labels tab. Check Trash. Click show.

How do I restore the Trash icon in Apple Mail?

All replies Click “View” in the Mail menu bar. Click “Customize Toolbar” in the dropdown. From the sheet that drops down drag “Delete Junk” button to the Mail menu bar. Click “Done”.

Why won’t my iPhone delete recently deleted photos?

You may need to turn off Photos syncing in Settings to stop deleted photos from going back to your iPhone again. On your iPhone, go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Tap Photos > Switch off the icon beside iCloud Photos.

Can not delete apps on iPhone?

Open Settings and tap Screen Time -> Content & Privacy Restrictions. Next, tap iTunes & App Store Purchases -> Deleting Apps. Make sure that Allow is selected. When Don’t Allow is selected, you won’t be able to uninstall apps on your iPhone.

How do I get the trash can icon back on my IPAD?

Hi. Go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords. Open the settings for the email account and drill down to Advanced. You can change Archive back to Trash.

How to delete trash on iPhone photo?

Step 1 Unlock iPhone and open the “Photos” application. Step 2 Tap on “Album” and then scroll down to the “Recently Deleted” folder. Step 3 Tap “Select” > “Delete All” > “Delete X Items” to confirm the operation to empty trash on iPhone Photo.

Why can’t I delete all photos on my iPhone?

If you’re trying to sell your iPhone, or are running low on storage, then you probably want to permanently delete all photos on the device. However, the Trash icon in the Photos app is greyed out and won’t let you delete anything. This is most likely because the photos on your iPhone were synced via iTunes to a computer.

How to fix trash icon in Photos app greyed out?

2) Tap on your Profile name and select iCloud. 3) Select the Photos option and disable iCloud Photos. You should now be able to delete the photos on your iPhone and the trash icon should no longer be greyed out. The Trash icon in Photos app being greyed out is a common issue, but can be rectified with ease.

How to delete photos/albums from iPhone?

1) Connect your iPhone to your Mac and open Finder. 2) Click on your iPhone from the left pane and select Photos. 3) Again, choose the Selected Albums option in Sync settings. 4) Uncheck the photos/albums you want to delete from your iPhone. Click on the Apply button. The photos should automatically be removed from your iPhone.