How do I get full text on EBSCO?

How do I get full text on EBSCO?

Finding Full-text

  1. On the search results page, you will see the full-text link right below each search result.
  2. On the article information page, you will see the full-text link at the top left corner of the page.
  3. When the article is available in the database, you will see a little icon for it.

Is EBSCO a full text database?

We serve the needs of publishers by providing hundreds of databases to end-users in all markets and for all subjects. EBSCOhost databases and discovery technologies are the most-used, premium online information resources in libraries.

What is full text in EBSCO?

Enhance journal and e-book discovery with Full Text Finder (FTF) — a next-generation knowledge base, holdings management tool, publication finder and link resolver. FTF integrates with EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) to provide users fast and reliable access to full text and a better library experience.

How do you get sources on EBSCO?

  1. OPEN THE EBSCO DATABASE. Open your browser and go to the EBSCO welcome page.
  3. SELECT A DATABASE. • A description of each database can be accessed by clicking on the more information tab.

How good is EBSCO?

EBSCO only contains articles from credible and venerable sources, many of which are not available elsewhere. This means that when you run a search on EBSCO, you can rest assured that the information you find is more accurate, current, and reliable than what you would find via a Web search.

Is EBSCO credible?

Reliable, peer-reviewed content EBSCOhost offers high-quality articles licensed from reputable publishers recognized by library professionals, chosen to meet the specific needs of researchers.

What is MEDLINE with full text?

Medline with Full-text is the premier source for bibliographic and abstract coverage of biomedical literature and includes full-text in the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, allied health, and more. The database includes full text for over 1,470 journals and citations for over 4,800 biomedical journals.

Does MEDLINE have full text?

MEDLINE® contains journal citations and abstracts for biomedical literature from around the world. PubMed® provides free access to MEDLINE and links to full text articles when possible. The following resources provide detailed information about MEDLINE data and searching PubMed.

How do I use EBSCO?

What is EBSCO MEDLINE Complete?

EBSCO Information Services. According to the vendor, “MEDLINE Complete is the largest companion to the MEDLINE index and provides full text for over 2,500 medical journals. Many are available with no embargo to allow users to access the information as soon as it’s published” [1].

What is the MEDLINE Complete database?

MEDLINE Complete. The largest companion to the MEDLINE index, this full-text database provides access to top-tier biomedical and health journals. Covering a wide range of subjects, it is an essential resource for doctors, nurses, health professionals and researchers engaged in clinical care, public health and health policy development.

What is Medline with full text?

MEDLINE with Full Text is an indispensable tool for medical research providing full text for top biomedical and health journals. These journals contain information needed by doctors, nurses, health professionals and researchers. MEDLINE with Full Text includes Ahead of Print content for relevant titles from key publishers.

Is there a MEDLINE Complete with no embargo?

Many are available with no embargo to allow users to access the information as soon as it’s published” [1]. MEDLINE Complete contains the entire MEDLINE database, along with the full text of more than 2,400 of the indexed journals.