How do I get an AFN decoder box?

How do I get an AFN decoder box?

A satellite dish and an AFN decoder can be bought or leased from your local military exchange depending on your location. The satellite dish size and the AFN channels available are different depending on your location around the world.

How do I get my AFN authorization key?

If you receive a “Needs Authorization Key” on your AFN decoder, you’ll need to reregister your decoder at under “Manage My Decoder.” Registration should be done annually.

Does AFN work in the States?

Henry, We are flattered that you want to continue AFN service stateside, but unfortunately the answer to your question is no. AFN is for servicemembers, dependents and retirees serving and living outside the USA.

How do I watch AFN on government computer?

For more, visit the AFN website at AFN Radio is available via the AFN360 internet and mobile app at

How do I set up the satellite on my afn7500hd?

Using the circular navigation wheel on your AFN7500HD remote control, access the “Main Menu” and scroll to the “Settings” menu, then select “Installation” as shown below. Now select the “Satellite Setup” menu as shown below.

Where can I watch AFN Atlantic channel guide TV?

This programming is available to AFN Direct to Home and AFN Satellite Network (SATNET) customers in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Western Asia. AFN Atlantic Channel Guide TV Services Audio Services

How do I get the AFN HD service?

If you use a satellite dish between 60 centimeters and 1.8 meters in diameter, receive the eight-channel DTH programming service and live within the area identified in the map below, you need these decoder settings in order to get the AFN HD service. Refer to page two for the decoder settings for AFN customers in the area below.

How do I use the AFN ATL E9Bs satellite?

The left and right arrows on the gray bar allow you to scroll through the various satellites used by AFN to deliver programming worldwide. Using the circular navigation wheel on your decoder remote control, select the AFN ATL E9Bsatellite to load the settings you need.