How do I claim my 7 11 voucher?

How do I claim my 7 11 voucher?


  1. The 7-Eleven CLiQQ eGift can be used to top-up your 7-Eleven CLiQQ Wallet Credits.
  2. The recipient must download the 7-Eleven CLiQQ app at Apple store or Google Play store.
  3. To use the eGift, the recipient must redeem at the redemption form by filling out all the details.

Is there such thing as a 7/11 gift card?

7-Eleven Gift Cards Put a smile on the faces of Elevenites in your life with the gift of future Slurpee® drinks, cups of coffee, pizza slices and more. Want more info on your next 7-Eleven gift card? Please call 1-866-520-4842.

How can I get free 7 11?

Download the FREE 7-Eleven Mobile App and join the free 7Rewards program where you can scan your app every time you purchase a drink and get every 7th cup for FREE! Plus, earn 10 points for every $1 you spend and redeem them for snacks, drinks, or other items in their store.

Can you buy 7/11 wallet gift cards?

You can purchase with your Wallet at any participating 7-Eleven locations. Lottery, gift cards, and money orders cannot be purchased with your Wallet.

How do I use the CLiQQ app?

On the Messenger app, search for CLiQQ and tap Get Started.

  1. Earn Points with your CLiQQ barcode. Say hi or tap the menu icon then tap ‘View Barcode’.
  2. Activate your account. Say hi or tap the menu icon then enter your mobile number.
  3. Link a CLiQQ card to your account.
  4. Check CLiQQ balances.
  5. Access CLiQQ Wifi.
  6. Redeem Rewards.

How transfer money from CLiQQ to GCash?

Log in to your CliQQ App, then tap Add e-money. Select GCash , then enter your GCash-registered number. Enter and confirm the cash in amount, and wait for the barcode to be generated.

How do I use my 7/11 gift card?

How do I use my Gift Card? It’s pretty simple. When buying something in a 7-Eleven store just advise the Staff Person that you’d like to pay with a 7-Eleven Gift Card. They’ll let you know the rest.

Can I use my 7-Eleven gift card for gas?

You can use your gift card to purchase most of the items 7-Eleven sells: toys, beverages, and snacks. You can’t, however, use the gift card to buy gas or other gift cards. Not sure what the balance is on your 7-Eleven card? No problem.

How do I merge 711 accounts?

The ability to merge accounts is live within the 7-Eleven Mobile App.

  1. Login to Facebook Connect or traditional email based account.
  2. Go to the Account section.
  3. Click Profile and enter your phone number in the designated field.
  4. Click Verify.
  5. Follow the prompts to verify the phone number and merge the accounts.

Does 7/11 sell Visa gift cards?

DALLAS — 7-Eleven Inc. has added Vanilla Visa Gift Cards in $25 and $50 denominations to its line of gift card products that includes prepaid options for restaurants, clothing, music and entertainment.

How do you use 7rewards?

In the 7-Eleven app, choose your reward, tap “redeem”, confirm and the points will be deducted from your points balance. Then, grab your selected item and head to the counter. Scan your app barcode or enter your phone number when checking out and the discount will be added at the register.

How do I get a 50% discount at 7-Eleven?

Get up to 50% discount on your favorite items. Visit any 7-eleven store near you! Every Order entitles you to a free flavorites pack!

What gift cards can you get at 7-Eleven?

Details: Get gift cards from 7-Eleven, including Groupon and Vanilla Visa. Details: Buy cold and hot drinks and signature Slurpees from 7-Eleven. Details: Choose from Greyhound cards, money orders and prepaid cards.

How much is the monthly fee for 7-Eleven SpeakOut?

A monthly fee of $1.25 will be applied to your account for 911 Emergency Regulatory Recovery fee. Minutes available will be reduced by the monthly $1.25 911 fee. The 7-Eleven SpeakOut program is only available in Canada, excluding Quebec, Yukon, NWT & Nunavut. 7-Eleven SpeakOut runs on Rogers HSPA network providing reliable coverage in Canada.

Does 7-11 SpeakOut have an expiry date?

With 7-11 Speakout, customers can purchase monthly service plans with a variety of expiration dates. In fact, SpeakOut’s prepaid airtime has a 365-day expiry period which means customers can choose to talk and text and surf whenever without having to worry about paying for unused features.