How can I practice giving directions?

How can I practice giving directions?

To play, first teach students the key words and actions. For example, teach students the word ‘walk’ and mime walking on the spot. Then teach them ‘turn right’ and mime turning right. Do the same with other key phrases such as turn left, go straight, stop, keep walking, etc.

How do you politely ask for directions?

“How do I get to …” – This is the simplest way to ask someone for directions. When you use this phrase, the other person will either tell you which mode of transport (bus, underground) to take or will explain your route. “Could you tell me the best way to get to …” – This is a very polite way to ask for directions.

How do you ask for directions?

Common Questions When Asking for Directions

  1. Is it far? / Is it close?
  2. How far is it? / How close is it?
  3. Could you please give me directions?
  4. Where is the nearest bank / supermarket / gas station?
  5. Where can I find a bookstore / restaurant / bus stop / restroom?
  6. Is the museum / bank / department store near here?

How do we show direction on a map answer?

Introduce the compass rose. Explain that a compass rose is a symbol that shows directions on a map.

What important information should be used when giving directions?

When you give good directions, you tell your child exactly what behaviors you expect. Instead of saying, “Stop it!”, “Quit!”, or “Don’t do that!”, tell your child exactly what you want him to do. For example, you might say, “Please walk instead of running in the house” or “Please sit so that I can put on your shoes.”

What are the best resources to learn about giving directions in English?

These directions worksheets are great for kids and beginner ESL students to learn about giving directions in English. See below for the worksheets currently available and check the bottom of the page for related resources. In this directions worksheet, students should read the directions and follow the directions on the map.

What is the ESL giving directions activity?

ESL Giving Directions Activity – Drawing, Listening and Speaking – Elementary (A1-A2) – 25 minutes In this imaginative giving directions activity, students draw a map of a town and then ask for and give directions to places on the map. Give each student a copy of the worksheet.

How do the students write the locations on the map?

The students’ task is to ask their partner for directions to eight places and write the locations on the map. One student goes first and asks their partner for directions to one of the places written on the worksheet. The student listens to their partner’s directions and marks the location by writing the name of the place on the map.

How do Chinese ESL students learn how to give directions?

Students in a Chinese ESL class practice and role play asking and giving directions and how to get to various locations in Disneyland. Students identify the difference between commands and a declarative sentence. They complete a diagram with verbs, prepositions and numbers. They follow directions using a map and give directions to another location.