Can a beached whale explode?

Can a beached whale explode?

This tends to happen in the huge throat pouch, which is usually filled with seawater so whales can filter it to find food. And it is often exacerbated by heat from the sun. But, this part of the body can handle significant amounts of pressure, so it is relatively uncommon for them to explode on their own.

Who blew up the whale on the beach?

50 years ago, Oregon state officials blew up a whale — and led a news reporter to infamy. In November 1970, Oregon highway officials decided the only way to dispose of a beached whale was to explode it with dynamite. Then-reporter Paul Linnman covered the event, and ended up in a shower of blubber.

Why does dead whale explode?

A decomposing whale carcass generates gases which build up inside their stomach and large internal organs. This then causes them to expand, but whale skin and blubber are tough so the gases become trapped inside, according to National Geographic.

What will happen if a whale dies?

Decay sets in soon after the death of a whale, as the insides begin to decompose. The animal then expands with gas and sometimes floats up to the ocean’s surface, where it can be scavenged by sharks and seabirds.

Why should you not touch a dead whale?

As the gasses expand in the deceased whale’s body, the only barrier between it and the outside world becomes the whale’s skin, and at some point, the skin will give. Beachgoers are always advised to stay far away from, and not touch, a deceased beached whale.

What is the exploding whale website for?

The purpose of this website is to collect all the evidence, resources, and events related to the Exploding Whale, including newspaper articles, transcripts, accounts of other exploding whales (yes, there’s been more than one!), and more. Watch the original news report from 1970 to start your journey. About this video…

Is the exploding whale a true story?

Welcome to — the world’s most comprehensive source of information on exploding whales and related stories! Click through the expandable text items below to learn more about this site and the story of the Exploding Whale…. This is a true story… People come to the Exploding Whale from so many different directions.

Where can I watch the original 1970s exploding whale?

Even Dave Barry made an appearance. In addition to the original 1970 news report, watch various updates over the years, coverage on TechTV, CNN, The Discovery Channel, plus interviews with Paul Linnman, Doug Brazil, Dave Barry, and others. Almost as amazing as Oregon’s Exploding Whale is the range of works inspired by it!

Is the whale really dead?

(The whale was definitely dead.) And there are the lucky few who stumble upon it purely by accident…. It happened on Nov. 12, 1970… The carcass of a sperm whale (often reported as a grey whale) had been rotting on the beach just south of Florence, Oregon, USA, for several days.