Are Ruger AR-15 any good?

Are Ruger AR-15 any good?

Check Prices Ruger’s AR-556 MPR is one gun that can do it all. In a short time the Ruger AR-556 has become the direct-gas-impingement M4-style AR-15 rifle of choice for many people. It offers everything you need in a well-made reliable package with a few unique Ruger touches—for a low price.

What does AR stand for in Ruger AR-556?

Ruger’s AR-556 pistol, a short-barreled AR-15 designed for one or two-handed operation, delivers rifle-level performance in a pistol-sized configuration. The AR-15 rifle, or ArmaLite Rifle-15, was developed by Eugene Stoner as a potential military firearm.

Does Ruger AR-556 have Picatinny rail?

Mounting Options The ideal handguard for your Ruger AR-556 will come with both Picatinny rails and M-Lok attachment systems. This will make it easy to add accessories such as lasers, slings, forward grips, optics, and so on.

Where is the Ruger AR-556 made?

Mayodan, North Carolina
“The AR-556 is the first firearm designed and built in our Mayodan, North Carolina, facility, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the finished product,” remarked Ruger President and Chief Operating Officer Chris Killoy.

What does the AR in AR-556 stand for?

ArmaLite Rifle
The AR-15 rifle, or ArmaLite Rifle-15, was developed by Eugene Stoner as a potential military firearm. The AR-15, first adopted by the U.S. Air Force and later by the rest of the armed forces, is a gas operated, direct impingement firearm that siphons off gunpowder gasses to cycle the weapon.

What kind of rifle is the Ruger SR 556?

It is Ruger’s basic, entry level, semi-automatic rifle with direct impingement action (unlike previous 556 models), and it sports a price tag which is a lot more affordable than SR models. Meanwhile, in 2015, all of the SR-556 variants had been discontinued by Ruger, in favor of the new SR-556 Takedown.

What is the difference between the AR-556 and the SR-556?

The SR-556 comes with a quality carrying bag which fits the two receivers and the barrel in separate Velcroed compartments. You also get 3 30-round magpul magazines, as opposed to single magazine which comes with the AR-556 . These are probably the main differences, and they serve to highlight the different features of the SR-556 Takedown.

What is this box with “SR-556” on it?

The box itself is a cardboard carton with “SR-556” and the Ruger logo printed on it. I suspect in 50 years (assuming we still have guns, or a civilization) that the cardboard box itself will be a hot item in the collector’s market, since most users will simply toss it.

What kind of ammo does the sr556 feed?

The SR556 comes with Magpul PMags, and they feed everything .223/5.56 I could lay hands on. Focused on making better and more-affordable hunting rifles and handguns, he really wasn’t plugged into the defensive market.