Why was no Phun intended taken down?

Why was no Phun intended taken down?

Content that was created way back. Unfortunately, this means that streams from Regional At Best tracks, vines re-uploaded to YouTube and videos surrounding Tyler Joseph’s “No Phun Intended” have all been removed due to copyright claims.

What car is on the cover of No Phun intended?

The cover features a beige 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis, which is probably the same car as the one in this old picture of Tyler Joseph: Tyler must have been fond of this cover design – a similar layout was used for the cover art of his band twenty one pilots’ 2011 album, Regional at Best.

Where can I listen to no Phun intended?

No Phun Intended – Album by Tyler Joseph, ömrebruh | Spotify.

Is no Phun intended copyrighted?

no phun intended was never officially published by tyler joseph and as far as anyone knows he has no intentions of publishing them. they will remain off of music services (excluding youtube) until he and fueled by ramen agree to publish the album (which i don’t see happening).

When did Tyler Joseph make no Phun intended?

He also self-released a solo album titled No Phun Intended in 2008. As a member of Twenty One Pilots he has been nominated for six Grammy Awards, of which he has won one.

When was no Phun intended release?

2007No Phun Intended / Release date

When was the album No Phun intended released?

How many songs are on no Phun intended?

Written during a time when Tyler Joseph was depressed and recorded in his basement,the album contains 19 songs (two only rumored to exist) of sorrow and depression.

How did Tyler Joseph and Jenna Black meet?

Joseph, who serves as the group’s lead vocalist, got married to Black in March 2015. In an interview with Rolling Stone last year, he said they met in a pretty average scenario: She was the sister-in-law of a guy he went to high school with. Now they live together in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

How many songs are in Regional at Best?

As such, only five of the tracks from Regional at Best are available to purchase in the US, and six tracks — “Slowtown”, “Anathema”, “Ruby”, “Be Concerned”, “Clear”, and “Two” — are not available for purchase anywhere.

What is the bird on the Trench album cover?

black vulture
And a quick wiki search turns up the cover-worthy animal’s other monikers among wildlife enthusiasts: the black vulture, monk vulture, or Eurasian black vulture. The bewinged beast in the shot certainly bears a striking resemblance to the vulture on Trench’s album art.

What is “No Phun Intended”?

No Phun Intended is an EP by Tyler Joseph. The release was available on his PureVolume account until 2015. No Phun Intended is an EP by Tyler Joseph.

When did Joseph release No Phun Intended?

Joseph’s solo project released an EP entitled No Phun Intended. The EP was recorded in Joseph’s senior year of high school, from 2007–2008, in his basement.

Where can I find Tyler Joseph’s No Phun Intended album?

No Phun Intended is an album by Tyler Joseph. The album was available on his PureVolume account until 2015. The album was recorded in Joseph’s senior year of high school, from 2007–2008, in his basement.

Is trees on No Phun Intended?

In regards to Trees, the authenticity of this song being on No Phun Intended has not yet been confirmed. The song Trees that is said to be on this album sounds very similar to the version of Trees on Regional At Best, so it could be false, but this is not currently known. And finally, there are two discrepancies concerning the song Chords.