Why is my Wi-Fi connected but internet not working?

Why is my Wi-Fi connected but internet not working?

If all your devices get no internet connection, yet your WiFi indicator is still on, the most obvious answer is that your internet provider has an outage. Before you start rebooting and shuffling wires around, it’s always a good idea to check this first.

Why did my wireless internet suddenly stop working?

Reboot Your Router and Modem Rebooting your router and modem is one of the first things you should do when your WiFi isn’t working. To reboot these devices, unplug the power cord from the back of each device and wait for at least 30 seconds before plugging them back in.

Why does my laptop say no internet access but is connected?

If your computer is the only device that says it has a connection but no actual internet, it is likely that you have a misconfigured setting, faulty drivers or WiFi adapter, DNS issues, or a problem with your IP address.

Why won’t my computer find my WiFi?

Go to Start, and select Settings > Network & internet > Wi-Fi > Show available networks, and see whether your wireless network name appears in the list of available networks. If you see your wireless network name, select it and select Connect. If your Surface still can’t find your wireless network, try Solution 2.

Why does Windows 10 say no internet access when there is?

There are multiple reasons Windows 10 ends up without internet access. These can be your router not working properly, outdated wireless drivers, something wrong with the DNS server configuration, power outages with the ISP (Internet Service Provider), and other things.

Why isn’t my computer connecting to WiFi?

On Android devices, check your settings to make sure the device’s airplane mode is off and that Wi-Fi is on. Update adapter drivers: Another network adapter related issue for computers could be that your network adapter driver is out of date.

How do I reset my wireless adapter Windows 10?

Windows 10 – Performing a Network Reset

  1. From the Start Menu, navigate to Settings.
  2. Click Network & Internet.
  3. You should be in the status tab by default.
  4. Click Reset now.
  5. Click Yes to confirm and restart your computer.
  6. Your computer will now restart and your network adapters and configuration will be reset.

Why is my WiFi not working in Windows 10?

Make sure Wi‑Fi is turned on.

  • Select Manage Wi-Fi connections ( >) on the Wi-Fi quick setting,see if a Wi-Fi network you recognize and trust appears in the list of networks.
  • Try connecting to a network on a different frequency band.
  • Make sure the physical Wi‑Fi switch on your laptop is turned on.
  • Run the Network troubleshooter.
  • Why is my WiFi not working on my computer?

    Wi-Fi is not enabled on device.

  • Verify the wireless connection is enabled.
  • Verify the SSID and security key are correct.
  • Make sure the Internet is working.
  • Reset modem and router.
  • Disable firewalls.
  • Restore Windows to an earlier copy.
  • Reinstall wireless device and drivers.
  • Reposition wireless router or computer.
  • Hard reset the laptop.
  • How to fix Bluetooth not working in Windows 10?

    Remove The Re-Add the Bluetooth Device. If you facing any issue with the device that is already connected to your computer that is paired then you need to first

  • Allowing Bluetooth Device To Search your PC. Well,if your PC’s Bluetooth is not showing on your mobile devices,then you need to turn on the Bluetooth discovery.
  • Updating Bluetooth Driver.
  • How to fix WiFi network not displaying in Windows 10?

    Method 1: Quick Fixes and Hacks to Try First.

  • Method 2: Reboot the Network.
  • Method 3: Use the Network Troubleshooter.
  • Method 4: Reset the Network Settings.
  • Method 5: Reboot the Wireless NIC in BIOS.
  • Method 6: Update the Network Driver Adapter.