Why is it called Steal This Album?

Why is it called Steal This Album?

Vocalist Serj Tankian has said that the songs were left out of Toxicity “because they didn’t fit the overall continuity of the album”. The album title is a reference to Abbie Hoffman’s book Steal This Book, which is regarded by many as a classic example of counterculture literature.

Did anyone steal System of a Down album?

Steal This Album! is the third studio album by Armenian-American heavy metal band System of a Down, released on November 26, 2002, by American Recordings and Columbia Records….

Steal This Album!
Length 43:22
Label American Columbia
Producer Rick Rubin Daron Malakian
System of a Down chronology

How many albums did System of a Down sell?

System Of A Down have sold over 40 million records worldwide and their song B.Y.O.B.

How many copies of Steal this book were stolen?

Steal This Book is a book written by Abbie Hoffman. Written in 1970 and published in 1971, the book exemplified the counterculture of the sixties. The book sold more than a quarter of a million copies between April and November 1971….Steal This Book.

Cover of Steal This Book
Author Abbie Hoffman
LC Class HX843.7.H64 A3 1971a

Who made Steal This Album?

System of a DownSteal This Album! / Artist

When was Steal This Album released?

November 26, 2002Steal This Album! / Release date

How did System of a Down Start?

System of a Down began by playing the southern California rock-club circuit, and attracted a strong following. They graduated to such venues as Roxy, the Whiskey, and the Troubadour, all of which are known as Los Angeles-area hot spots for music-industry executives searching for new talent.

When did System of a Down first album?

June 30, 1998
System of a Down (album)

System of a Down
Released June 30, 1998
Recorded November 1997 – February 1998
Studio Sound City Studios, Van Nuys, California The Mansion, Hollywood, California
Genre Nu metal alternative metal

What is the #1 most stolen book?

the Bible
According to experts, the Bible is the most commonly stolen book. The Holy Bible is available for free at many places of worship, so perhaps there’s less guilt associated with pilfering a copy.