Why is Breaking Bad considered the best show of all time?

Why is Breaking Bad considered the best show of all time?

With unique dialogues and complex references to chemistry, this show is devoured by nerds who dream of a transformation like White himself, a mundane everyman to a stellar drug kingpin. The series is poetic from the very start to the end with brilliant wide-ranging imagery.

Is Breaking Bad the most watched show?

Well, now it’s official, as Guinness World Records announced that the hit US television series is officially the most critically acclaimed show of all time, with Season 5 being awarded a whopping rating of 99% on Metacritic. As JOE’s dad would say, what happened to the other 1%?

Is Breaking Bad on YouTube?

Watch Breaking Bad online | YouTube TV (Free Trial)

Is Breaking Bad true story?

No. It’s a fictional story written by Vince Gilligan who wanted to explore the possibility of “turning Mr. Chips into Scarface.”

Should I watch Breaking Bad in 2021?

Yes. It’s a good series as is its spinoff Better Call Saul which will start its 6th season in 2022. If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth seeing.

Was Breaking Bad the worst idea for a TV show?

As a show about a 50-year-old science teacher with cancer, who turns to a life of cooking meth, Breaking Bad may have been the worst idea ever for a television show. But Vince Gilligan crafted a pilot that grabbed you by the collar and demanded your attention. Over the course of five roller-coaster seasons, the show never really let go.

Did new technology boost Breaking Bad’s ratings?

These technologies, which enhance a truly great show, may be responsible in part for huge ratings boost for Breaking Bad’s premiere. As Kevin Spacey points out in this widely shared speech, television is changing and the lines between genres are blurring.

Why is Breaking Bad saving its best for last?

By saving its best for last, Breaking Bad is quietly pushing the boundaries of this evolving genre. We can watch “Ozymandias” in a way that generally wasn’t possible in 2008 when Breaking Bad’s “Pilot” first aired. We have virtually instantaneous access to the new episode on demand and on-line. The days of wating for a re-run are history.

Did Breaking Bad Make TV history in Episode 514?

Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Twenty three minutes into Episode 514, entitled “Ozymandias” after a Shelley poem, Breaking Bad made television history. Except that most fans didn’t notice.